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Great! You have a real pair! No need to return, simply wear them and enjoy!
Well I read about 3/4 length slightly flared trousers being hot for 2011, so I guess the cut of jeans will follow through. Apart from that, no idea!
2 % spandex is very, very little, not enough to make any jeans truly stretchy.
I'm not sure if you can just shrink the waist, you could try boiling a large pot of water and dipping the waist band into it...but I'm not sure about that.   Alternatively, take them to an alterations place. A friend of mine recently brought his jeans to be repaired and was amazed, could barely see where the repair was (and it was cheap as well)
I haven't had any problems with them. But you have to expect some 'seconds' clothes labelled with the wrong size and so on
men's skins naturally have more oil in them, hence they don't tend to get so many fine lines and wrinkles as early as women...life is so unfair!
Eat when you are hungry, stop eating as soon as you feel satisfied, not full, drink lots of water, up the amount of exercise you do and make a few obvious changes like cutting down on some (not all) fat and sugar.
If you are not that close, I would suggest buying a denim wallet to start with (of course with some golden coins inside...!). Jeans or clothing is perhaps a bit personal for someone you don't know very well. People have their own personal style and you might buy something he wouldn't like.
I read somewhere that sometimes dandruff is caused by a fungal infection, so if all shampoo treatments fail, you could always rub some fungal infection cream into your scalp and see if that helps (i know this sounds weird, but it works!)
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