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So yesterday I went to a shop were they sale A.P.C jeans and i tried them, the New Standard is what i need, but sadly my size was out of stock so i'll have to wait 2 weeks in order to get them and lucky I am because in january it is the sales so I think i will have this great denim for less than I sought.  
maybe a little bit to late but I live in France, and APC is a french brand and so I tried some denim from them a the tag was the same as on our second picture so there is no problem with that.   Where did you buy 'em ?
Hi there,   After watching a french documentary few days ago about denim I discovered how much we are buying fake nice jeans wich are made to look old, selled at high price but quality isn't always as good as brands want us to think.   Anyway, I'm pretty intesrested into buying a pair of raw jeans and i'd like to know what brand or evn better what model i souhld take in a straight, little bit slim maybe in a budget aroud 150 and 200€ (200 / 260 $).   I'll...
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