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Thank you so much for helping The seller doesn't list the material content, i'll PM you the size
Are these the ethridge skelters I have wanted for like 18 months? I hope so! The seller says they run tight but this forum said they fit tts to slightly large. Any input would be so great. Thank you!
TRUE RELIGION STRAIGHT LEG STRETCH 26 DENIM JEANS - eBay (item 200350118842 end time Jun-13-09 16:48:07 PDT) these?? i hope someone answers quickly. Thank you in advance!
edit: thanks for your help guys hopefully i get these - want them so badly!
Nope I didnt get them I got the inseam from the seller and it's cutting it too close for me.. 33 inches when i probably need a 33.5 minimum. I know that seems silly, but that makes a difference. I'm sad though because they sold for only $91 shipped and i want that pair so badly! thanks for the auth check though, everyone!
thank you for your time!
eek that is some dramatic whiskering
oh no... i might have to go visit the ex boyfriend again... lol!
They had Costello Raws which i want desperately but not in my size and a tad more than i wanted to pay. I guess it's good they weren't in my size by the time i checked since i would have debated with myself whether or not to get them despite the price lol
first pair.. second pair... thank you for any help!! <3
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