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I use it & love it since I use google calendar at home and my MS outlook calendar at work.
Thank you My Skulls have stretched a bit just with wear, but there is still a little hip-smushing/muffin that it would be nice to get rid of. More pictures! You have sexy curves and tattoos, btw.
When you wet stretched, did you get in the shower with them on and then just wear soaking wet for a while? I need to do that with my skulls, they give me a gross muffin right now because they're so rigid.
I have been a member for almost 4 years now, and I was very active up until 2 years ago with the giant forum split. I still checked on HF and kept in touch with people, but eventually most everyone (except stubborn BEGRET who I want to marry) migrated over to Authentic Forum. I would still check the mall on HF all the time and list everything here. I've noticed that in the last year, I've sold maybe 2 things (out of 40 or more) listed in the Mall on HF. Everything else...
I was wondering as well. I knew about Good Society & also Jean Shop makes a bootcut that was carried by Yoox. What is the difference between the Good Society "Raw" and "indigo" on Revolve? There is a $4 price difference.
Oh, you're in Boise. I can sympathize. It took me 2 years after moving to New Mexico to find a competent therapist. Just don't give up, and don't be afraid to interview your potential therapists over the phone so that you don't have to pay them money to meet with them.
Seriously, find a good therapist who has experience with either dialectical behavior therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy or both. I have never had OCD, but have had many ocd-like symptoms as a result of my eating disorder, and CBT/DBT were the only types of treatment that seemed to help me deal with the thoughts/behaviors that didn't involve taking benzos.
jenna, PM me if you want to sell your size 26
For girls, Good Society runs TTS to maybe 1/2 size big. if you are on the small size of your size, size down, otherwise, stay with your usual size. I got a 26 and it doesn't stretch out a ton (have worn 10x now), so I am pretty happy that I stayed with my regular size and didn't size down. i have the straight leg.
New Posts  All Forums: