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you dont know what jeans to wear on a night out? Are you retarded. wear any? What kind of stupid question is that. lol distressed for a party?!  wear distressed jeans dude. lol "8zt for going out" lol
i just got them today, they look more like the probus site for sure. On these sites they look more faded, but in reality its a dirtier wash, much more orange in color. And theres a hole in each leg and some other deconstruction i didnt notice in the pics, too much for me- returning them.
i just purchased them fro the diesel site yesterday, expect to get em by friday, will let u know. But ur right the wash is all over the place, if u go on asos.com they look even darker. So i dont know what to expect.
Before I continue shopping online (due to no real good source of diesel where i live) I was curious if u fellas found urself sizing down btwn vikers and zatinys. I have two cases of 31 vikers being too tight, where 31zatinys fit me perfect, is this a fluke, or are the zatiny's roomier at the waist or depends on the wash?   thanks and appreciate the responses.
i got them, what a great pair, i usually wear 31, had t size up to a 32
Hey, new to the blog, Big fan of diesel all my life, these days Im wearing either Vikers or Zatinys. Im wondering if there are clean dark blue washes out there for these cuts. No darker than 88z's but bluer than them.     also viker vs safado, i read the safado leg are slimmer, is there a big difference?
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