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i agree dieselman89 their washes are getting crazy. I love the quality and diversity of cuts, but sheez, let me wear the jeans in myself. for every 10 dirty washes theres only 1 clean wash. not familiar with j brand, will look into it tho.
Im a die hard viker fan. And am not sure if I can make the transition. But that 8j5 wash is too hard to ignore and I havent seen it any other cut. I know krooley is a carrot cut and all that< but it seems to have a better look on shorter fellas. Im 6"1 any feedback from taller fellas who wear this cut. Pictures of them being worn would be awesome as well. Thanks
you moron, i said older ppl, i didnt say 25 is old you JACKASS Im 29  so i wouldnt imply that genious. and in my previous entry i stated its my opinion if your older than 25 id go for a cleaner wash. This thread is about an opinion on a wash, not your wife or your lame ass social life.
i dont think im the one digging the grave. Bro, again any wash is good for evening wear, ANYTHING. you could wear anything you want out to a party. If you dont know washes, if thats the problem say hey what are some cool washes, clean washes, distressed washes. but to ask what washes are good for evening wear, again thats up to you.   lets chalk this up to a misunderstanding mate. I dont mean to be a jerk .have a good one
ITSINMYJEANS, no one said 25 is old bro. Learn how to read before commenting on this forum.   Plus, no one asked you about your marital status, or your living situation, or how much you love your wife, and who you hang out with. Your 25 congrats. You heard of designer jeans before me? probably not but who cares so congrats on that too. I expressed my personal opinion, and your insecurities came cracking as fast as that whip your wife lashes you with.
No my brother, you werent rude. guess its my self conscious. some people can do no wrong in style thats for sure.
true, just my opinion though. i feel like some washes on older ppl make it look like theyre trying to be younger or hip. but if u like it and it works than no one can argue with ya.
dude ur right, some jeans are to be worn casually absolutely. dude, ur going to a party, it dont matter what kind of damn wash or cut you choose. theres no answer to that question because your destination is a PARTY. unless ur going to p-diddys all white party, or a black tie, you have every option of jean and wash under the sun. Your question is stupid bc you need advice on what to wear on a frickin night out.
in my opinion (which doesnt mean jack) but if your under 25, and you dont pair a wash like this with a damn ed hardy shirt or something else flashy. You keep your shirt and shoes/ sneaker simple, you could pull off any wash. but if your over 25 and happen to be a proffessional or at least would like to think ur one, stick with a cleaner wash.   plus lets not forget man, diesels aint levis, they cost, so you gotta ask urself can you wear suckers in year.   also...
lol, my brother, that question is crazy funny, its like asking what kinda cup is the best at holding water.   "best jeans to wear at a party" ahahahahah whats the best socks to wear at my house.   ask whats kinda jeans to wear at an after work business get together, question has some answers and opinions, but best distressed jeans to wear at a party?   dude if you have to ask that question dont go to the party, no ones wants you there.
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