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Wow son
I said any one like me a straight leg guy. I wear straight jeans. Wow kid.
man, id love this wash in a viker, if i dont wear skinny, im wondering if i could make the transition, this wash is awesome.   anyone out there like me, a straight leg guy, find that a thavar has worked for them? And if so are there any tricks to it? Sizing up maybe>   thanks
No I have some zatiny 8e7 33 / 32 up for grabs tho. If anyone is interested
i never seen those before, but  i wouldnt say they were fake from this pic alone, when i was in europe, i seen all types of crazy ass diesel jeans in the flagship stores that never made appearences in the US.
the actual cut is too loose for me, but i think the back synch is a cool touch for a couple reasons. Its functional with a purpose, and probably come in use more than the tiny 5th pocket. Also for someone like me, who doesent wear belts if pants fit, it would allow me to maintain a perfect fit without needing a belt if i drop or add weight. And let me tell you, this summer I went from a 34 to a 31 and like an idiot, purchased all my fav washes and cuts in each size and...
the khoffa's had a really low waist, thats prob why u felt the tightness. If you want real comfort at the waist go for the larkee but its a sporty straight leg, nothing like the flare of khoffa or zafs- but youll never have a prob sitting or in any movement. If you like the the bootcut than go zatiny, its a low cut waist, but not as low as khoffa, and def not as flared as them or zafs. Both Larkee and  Zatiny are great styles, just depends if you wanna go low waist flare...
 "It's not my fault you noone loves you." that dont make sense. and im not the grammer nazi, just want to make sure this dudes wife has a grip on all aspects of his life. I aint here to start trouble, or pick out grammatical errors for crying out loud. this dude, itsinmyjeans jumped down my throat  for my opinion,  forums are for opinions brotha, then he goes on about his wife, and how much he loves to hang out with her, and how 25 yr olds live at home and all this...
have your wife spell check your responses.
cool, thank you man, they look good.
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