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Now our memories are gonna be different, but anyone have pics or know the name of the first diesel kicks they remember? Even if they werent the first, and really early memories?  I have a specific low top sneaker in mind but i cant describe em, they were very unique but really simple.
your funny man. I like the pic of your back
damnnnn homey, u need to size down at that waist. Or do they wear i loose at the waist like that in taiwan?
what a bozo.
what does sarcasm have to do with my question. "who cares" means who cares, who cares about this tai dudes collection. im not trying to be cute with sarcasm like you.   wow kid!!
 i wish i had only 6 pairs of jeans, id be rich.
who cares
thanks twinKen
wait whats supposed to happen exactly when you wash them?
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