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whats up ppl? happy holiday season to all.   Any one have these>>>>> http://www.ssense.com/men/product/diesel/brown_darron_trousers/63088   never tried on the darrons. im big on vikers. anyone have anything similar to offer me an idea on how they fit   thanks
After seeing this wash at a local saks, i went gaga over it. but it was in krooley, which i just cant pull off.   Some one please tell me this wash has plans for a viker. or at least a koolter??   why the heck are all the best washes reserved for slim or carrot styled jeans. wheres the straight leg love?
This image are from the new project x movie poster, I know they arent diesels but does anyone know what they are? at first i thought blk label denim because the back tag is solid black but im not so sure. Any help would be great thanks 
fuck all difference?
really? No one knows?
probusnyc.com revolveclothing.com
whats the difference in fit?
They don't look like they could be both? Bc what I have looks dark, but in the light they have translucent look. I'll try to post pics
whats  up people.   i recently purchased a pair of these koolter 0880g and they are awesome, but i just noticed on the diesel site they have two versions of this, an 0880g in blue and one called dark denim. and to be honest i have no clue which on i got. there is no distinction on the label inside, and in certain lights my pair looks like they could be both, its really driving me crazy.  i feel like im crazy bc i cant tell the diff, any ideas?
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