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Thanks. I almost bought Thermal, but i think i gonna buy L - Raj now.
Does anyone know what the difference between Diesel L-RAJ and Diesel THEMAL jacket ? I've had the opportunity to try L- RAJ in the store, but when i looked on the internet i found THEMAL in most of the online stores worldwide. Seems to me they are the same jacket with different prices ( L-RAJ is more expensive).
This f/w14 jeans is the worst Diesel collection ever. So disappointed with all blue eyecon jeans. For the first time in more than five years I will not buy any Diesel jeans.
Since i started to buy Diesel five years ago, these S/S 2014 jeans are by far the worst collection I've seen. For the first time i don't want to buy anything.
This belther 828T look like so many other Diesel washes. For a Blue eyecon I was quite disappointed.
I gonna check it out!!
I liked thavar 811p, but this jeans looks like krooley 8nj (the same color but less dirty). I didnt saw thavar 811p in person yet, but can anyone confirm that?
I noticed that nobody post any photos of rombee -xt 887V. It was my first rombee, and i really liked  the cut. A great surprise for me. Better than darron.        
it seems that it never existed. I tried to find it last year but nobody heard about thavar 8W6. Although this, Diesel released a female jeans with this wash for summer 2011 collection.
       I think there isn't any yellow thavar 888P like you trying to find . I have one and its not like the photo in Asos site, but the curious thing is if you take a picture, he gonna look more yellow in the photo.                      
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