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Not sure if you already got em but, generally yes you should size down for stretching otherwise you are going to eventually have nicely worn  jeans that are way too big in the waist/hip area.  Take it from me I know.  It is going to feel uncomfortable at first but if you wear them for long periods of time everyday for a week that feeling should pass.  At first it should be quite difficult to button up. 
For those who are in New York or plan to visit and want to give raw jeans a shot for 79 bucks check out Uni Qlo.  I was just in NY and they had the ads plastered all over the subways.  I visited their Soho location and picked up a pair of blue selvage denim for $79.  They have regular fit and skinny fit, in both black and blue.  This is the cheapest I have seen raw denim.  I was surprised when I rolled up the leg to see they were...
I have a pair of Edwin Sen, they have been pretty good, I have almost owned them for a year and still have not washed them.  I am at the point where they are broken in nicely and they have fallen into my comfortable jeans collection.  Main problem I had was not buying small enough.  The waist stretched out quite a bit and is now extremely large for me.  I need to cinch them with my belt in order for them to fit correctly.  Compared to other raw jeans I have worn these...
Here's the article   http://ca.news.yahoo.com/no-harmful-bacteria-found-alberta-students-jeans-not-20110119-134012-256.html    Here's the video   http://ca.news.yahoo.com/video/canews-22424922/jeans-not-washed-for-15-months-23909252.html 
Probably a much debated topic from what I have read, I just bought a pair of Naked and Famous and they say there will be some shrinking when you first wash them.  I am inclined to wash them now and get the shrinking over with so I can start the raw denim journey.  The guy at the store said he soaked his before he wore them.  I was thinking of putting it in the washing machine but it may be too harsh and take out too much colour.  What does everyone think? 
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