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hi everybody,   I am planning to buy a diesel jeans and have it narrowed down to 888r safado or 887k viker, any suggestions on which one would be better, though I am leaning towards viker a bit...... Also I am unable to find 31X30 for both these jeans in the US, if anyone knows where i could get them please let me know.   thanks
thanks for the reply guys....i was searching this forum on previous posts regarding stretch in diesel jeans and saw that there were mixed responses...some say the jeans stretches and some say it does not based on the wash and cloth. the 880I that i got is thick hard material ....does this kind of material stretch a lot or only a little ?
  this is 31X30
  this is 32X30
hello everyone i did finally mange to get 31X30 and 32X30 in safado 880i.....but the thing is that 32 is too loose on the waist but fits perfectly on the thighs and legs and on the other hand 31 is ok on the waist but is tight on my thighs.....any advice which one i should keep......i will be posting the pics soon......
thanks evryone....i can't decide between 880i and 882b, really like 882b but don't have $325... so will most probably go with 880i..... may be next month as i am brooke after buying viker and nudie last month...crap i should have waited for this one....
thanks for the reply i do see nordstrom (http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/diesel-safado-slim-straight-leg-jeans-denim-wash/3166453?origin=category)having 31X30 and 33X30 but no 32X30......( any idea when was this wash released.
hey everyone i was looking for safado 880i 32X30 but unable to find one....any help...
does anyone own a viker 8k9, http://us.asos.com/Diesel-Diesel-Viker-8K9-Straight-Jeans/s70wg/?iid=1048483&cid=5230&Rf-400=156&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=3&clr=Blue&mporgp=L0RpZXNlbC9EaWVzZWwtVmlrZXItOEs5LVN0cmFpZ2h0LUplYW5zL1Byb2Qv   Is it exactly the same color as shown in the above url, any thoughts.
Where can I buy nudie jeans in the US. Other brands like Diesel and 7FAM, Joes have there stores in US, does Nudie jeans also have one? Where will I get the maximum variety of nudie in store as I always prefer to try on my jeans before buying them...?
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