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Has anyone had any experience buying from this site Kikietgalou.com to ship to US
just saw these diesel viker r box 0887q , they look cool, does anyone own a pair? when were these released?
I have new Hudson jeans in size 31 , I got it on final sale but its loose for me so I want to get rid of it. Please message me if u r interested and what price r r willing to pay. ItS totally brand new. http://www.hudsonjeans.com/Byron_Straight/pd/np/1020/p/1721.html
Is there a way to place a special order for a particular size anywhere other than revolve clothing
Thank you or the response and suggestions
Planning to buy a new jeans any suggestions i wear safado and viker only. In addition I am looking for rbox 887 k in 30X30 if anyone knows where I can get it please let m know. I had ordered 31X30 from revolve clothing because that is my normal size but the one u received were very loose I now want yo get rid of them and get a size down I just wore them 2 times
888r safado on sale on zappos.......  
thnaks for the update , i may also go for viker 887k but still searching for my size
hey guys this site has great variety of diesel jeans:-   ***site removed by mod***   is this site legit?.......any experience buying from this site.....          
thanks for the suggestion.....do we have a 31X30 in 888r safado? all i see is inseam of 32.....(
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