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how do these compare to APC new standards in terms of fit? do you get the same waist size for both? similar leg opening? thanks.
big thanks to kelly for the offer! HF isn't quite dead yet. and thanks anyway mike!
hi all, i was wondering if someone could help me out here, i still remember in the good old days vince aka vincevtec and jeffrey (forgot his username) helped me out in a similar way. i need a favor from someone trustworthy to do a proxy for me. i'll paypal him/her, who'll in turn place an order on yoox (2-3 pairs of jeans),receive the package, and in turn ship it to me. a proxy fee of 35$ will be in order for your time. please pm me if you can help or know someone...
if you find a cut similar/identical to APC NS let me know.
i don't think you're gonna be able to stretch them until you feel they fit fine since they're not raw jeans. maybe try selling it before you ruin the jeans by overstretching them.
you're wearing it way too low.
you need a longer inseam
and it actually looked decent. i guess it really is a feminine cut?
shoot. you're right, i think even 73j is zip fly. what washes fit #1 and 2 though (without long zipper pull like 71j)?
quick question... what thanaz washes are 1. non-stretch 2. non-animal design back pockets 3. not zip fly i only know that 73j fits the description. any others?
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