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tepphar has the tightest lower leg i believe.  when i tried on a pair i had to struggle to get my feet in and out of the hole...  not my cup of tea. jeans are supposed to be easy!  
My friend got these last week.  They are not totally white. very light blue in areas.  I have to say this wash is AWESOME!!! The level of detail is outstanding.  yes, they are thin in areas.  i only saw, but did not try on...  It's almost like the knee area up is sanded so that it's worn and seemed thinner in that area?  they really are a work of art IMO!
how come these links wont work for me? just takes me to main diesel homepage? what country do you have selected?  
do you have any pics of this item you could share?  im curious as to what it looks like...
they look great imo, but not a fan of this cut. i am apprehensive on getting this pair because it looks like similiar technique as 8ZT was used, my 8ZTs faded pretty bad. plus i am not familiar w/ the lukiocell or whatever it's called blend. i read that it has problems holding dye sometimes...
Anyone have a pair of these?  On certain websites i think this wash looks incredible... others make it appear rather bland.  Can anyone confirm what it looks like in person?   http://www.probusnyc.com/product_p/diesel%20viker-r-box%208y0.htm   on here soooo good!   http://www.ssense.com/men/product/diesel/viker-r-box_8y0_stretch_jeans/32372   pretty forgetable going by these pics...   the ones on diesel's website are good too.  the only thing im...
i think the distressing looks really bad on this pair.  especially on the back the location of the abrasions and rips looks horrible.
u dont have to ask for me to give it. no one gives a fuck about your shit and it's annoying as hell see numerous threads bumped by you trying to make a buck. get a real job u douche!  
no one gives a shit. shut it already  
i have but unfortunatley the color combo i'm looking for ive only been able to find on diesel.com.  the item has since been removed even though it's a spring/summer item...
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