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Anyone have a pair of these?  On certain websites i think this wash looks incredible... others make it appear rather bland.  Can anyone confirm what it looks like in person?   http://www.probusnyc.com/product_p/diesel%20viker-r-box%208y0.htm   on here soooo good!   http://www.ssense.com/men/product/diesel/viker-r-box_8y0_stretch_jeans/32372   pretty forgetable going by these pics...   the ones on diesel's website are good too.  the only thing im...
i think the distressing looks really bad on this pair.  especially on the back the location of the abrasions and rips looks horrible.
u dont have to ask for me to give it. no one gives a fuck about your shit and it's annoying as hell see numerous threads bumped by you trying to make a buck. get a real job u douche!  
no one gives a shit. shut it already  
i have but unfortunatley the color combo i'm looking for ive only been able to find on diesel.com.  the item has since been removed even though it's a spring/summer item...
you should take some pics of the artists in action! i'd love to see them ripping and dying away :)
although i have not tried on all the cuts, i have to say for now really all im buying is zatiny and viker. i hate skinny jeans! and carrot seems to me a hybrid of skinny jeans. just not my style.  i have to say i think vikers are the most flattering. i have never had a pair of jeans make my ass look so good.  it was so funny cause i bought my first pair of vikers this summer and got in an argument w/ my b/f "you spent how much on those? you shouldnt have!" anyway the...
I was wondering if an item is out of stock on diesel.com. do they get new shipments in? or are they gone forever?  i just noticed these a few says ago...   http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL/detail/tskay/230223AD/cod10/44277124SS/agerange/Adult/mm/125    only in grey/blue/red   and now they're gone. do you think the item will be restocked or should i just forget about them?
i have thought this sooooooo many times. u see a pair that just has the most bad ass wash ever. on a cut you hate!!! irriates me as i hate hate hate skinny jeans!  
so only two people on this forum have dared to DIY to their diesel jeans?!? no other stories?
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