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viker 882d. prob my number one fav pair of diesels. it changes a lot tho ;)  
new braddom 802k. very tight rigtht now, but i'd imagine they'll stretch quite a bit as this is probably the thinnest denim jeans i have from diesel. great for the warm season up ahead.  
got my braddom 802k in today.  really like this wash! this is actually my first pair of jeans that are not blue believe it or not. im kinda nervous about matching things with gray, but hey i guess it's a challenge!  Also, i'm happy to say mine do have the very subtle stripe effect.  Does anyone else who have this wash know if they fade though? i thought i read that somewhere?  
thanks. i dont really like thavar. it is ok, but like waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down on my list. i have two pairs and dont plan on getting anymore unless there is a wash that i really absolutely love that doesnt come out in any of my preferred cuts. if im going for the skinny look i prefer braddom a thousand times more.
thavar 8x2 last night.  
yes those r perfect
cant really compare them honestly. the pics of the diors are photoshopped to hell and back
what made u want to do that out of curiosity?
looks funky in the pics but i could imagine this wash looks better IRL. what i really dislike is the white areas at the top.
no pic attached?
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