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thanks. i dont really like thavar. it is ok, but like waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down on my list. i have two pairs and dont plan on getting anymore unless there is a wash that i really absolutely love that doesnt come out in any of my preferred cuts. if im going for the skinny look i prefer braddom a thousand times more.
thavar 8x2 last night.  
yes those r perfect
cant really compare them honestly. the pics of the diors are photoshopped to hell and back
what made u want to do that out of curiosity?
looks funky in the pics but i could imagine this wash looks better IRL. what i really dislike is the white areas at the top.
no pic attached?
im hoping mine do have the stripes as i actually like them. i ordered a 31" waist so hopefully the length is a little longer as im ususally a 32" inseam.
oh dear. we can let 55 rock band singers buy that limited edition jean than 
+ i agree
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