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totally forgot about those
can someone recommend a brand for my first pair of raw denims?  Something that has a classic straight leg cut and isn't super expensive.
agreed. one of my favorite diesels
nice. love that back pocket stitching detail!
safado is only appropriate if you have a slim build, hence it falling in the slim straight catagory. i've been wearing diesel for years and dont have a single pair of safado. i cant really wear them. for them to fit in the waist they totally squish in my booty and it just looks really really bad.
i would just say overall this line is gonna have the post details and overall tlc put into each wash. when d.n.a. first started they had about equally as much details put into each pair of jeans but i noticed that kinda stopped after a couple of years. it is a little bit of a gimmick and you'll notice the level of quality is dif from wash to wash, but all of my fav diesel jeans are blue eyecons.
absolutely terrible. hot topic trash
it's actually just expressing their opinion and it's not like they're ragging on it for the hell of it. opinion was asked opinion was delivered.
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