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those are definately fake. nothign about them makes me think they're diesels at all!
I personally LOVE the way the 8NE hangs. it almost is kinda draping from the legs. it's really unique and a great addition to the wardrobe i think!!!  
8y0 is prob about as close as i'll get to skinny jeans. they're def much more tighter then the rest of my vikers. i'm sure that's due to them being 2% spandex. they're super stretchy, but hold their shape. i wish safados would work good on me, ive tried them on several times and each time i either cant fit my thighs in them or it gives my butt this squished in the jeans look (not at all flattering) oh well. maybe once i get a pair of braddom's that can be my new skinny...
i saw these at nordstroms this weekend and the ones they had def had more of a yellow tint to them like in those links u posted. i prefer that a lot more honestly...
and today at work... zatiny 74f  
saturday night wore viker 8y0! popular wash this weekend apparently! lol  
best bet is to buy another pair of zathan 73y jeans and cut out a square from them. u can then use that square to patch up the hole on the pair u have now.
No offense, but i dont think they fit too good in the thighs or crotch. dont get me wrong i have some jeans like this, but they're more worn for comfort than anything. i feel your pain though. i just recently got viker 8at 30x32 and they stretched out SO much. i should have got a 29x32 and i have NO pants that are a 29 waist. oh well, what can ya do...    
i did a search for 'diesel 0075g' and found pics on this website...     http://ameblo.jp/shontacck/image-11105429945-11668586296.html   looks like 74y but w/o the knee patch...
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