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my zatiny 880n is made in italy
Does anyone know where i can get this?  Needs to be able to ship to USA...
i still have my 2003 zathan 772's as well. i'll be honest i dont wear them much except if im doing a 'sloppy, comfort not really fashionable' outfit. i was considering taking them to a tailor and getting them made straight cut, but my friend in fashion suggested i not. he said they'll be back in style soon enough, and i believe him. eventually skinny jean will be the bootcut!  
personally i dont think 772 should be reissued. that'd just be kinda silly. if you're that much of a fan pick up 74f wash that came out recently, it's a good 'evolotion' of 772 IMO
what are those? those are ugly.
so curious to see kakee fit pics! i dont think anyone has posted any on here yet...
agreed u got a great pair on this wash. this is my favorite wash from this season honestly!
urban outfitters last year. not sure if it's still available...    
those dbg are awesome. since they're raw i think it'd be really interesting to see what they look like in a year. i gotta admit tho. that long bag is fucking funny! do they expect someone to fold them longways and carry that across their back when they travel or something? haha
those are definately fake. nothign about them makes me think they're diesels at all!
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