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easier to tell what they look like w/o being so over-saturated man! i think i might like them? haha
That's not the right wash code for turbodenim as well as turbodenim was 100% cotton. do you have the wash code on the pair you got?
i definately WONT be washing them anytime soon, just in case ;)  as far as creasing. ive washed my viker 8y0s and they still have the 3d bunching at the ankles. i think ive only washed them maybe twice tho...
it's easily the best wash this season. im just afraid i wont be able to fit in to this cut :( wish diesel would have a wider variety of cuts in each wash...
please take pics and measurements if u can!
thanks for the feedback. as far as shoes goe, this is not a 'real' outfit. i got them in at work yesterday so just changed jeans :P  still have a pretty odd odor, im sure it'll go away in a week. i guess i could always go to a mexican restaurant to get rid of the smell ;)
Got them this afternoon.  LOVE them!  A friend tried to sell me this wash in koolter when i visited her at diesel store. im glad i didnt get that pair.  They smell a little funny (i'm guessing it's the resin?) but i'm sure that'll fade. I'm still going to wait a long time before washing them to see if they fade.  A friend of mine got this wash in thavar and said his were fading on the crotch and pocket, so we'll see (finger's crossed).  Here are a couple of fit pits.  i...
son of a bitch! i want them to fade :(
Can anyone confirm if this wash is raw denim or not?  I ordered a pair online in Larkee and havent received the yet.  Different stores seem to give contradicting descriptions of it...
i agree completely! i would love love love this wash, but unfortunately skinnys are not the cut for me. i'd KILL for this wash in viker!!!    
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