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i know this sounds so stupid, but i actually cant wait to get home so i can put them on. stuck at work wearing my larkee 880g's now! lol
LOVING these jeans so far.  not a wash that i'd wear to work, but had to snap another shot of them when i was getting dressed this morning.  they're so beautiful!!!  
not at first but eventually they will
thanks for the kind words guys. i def like them more and more. this is probably about as skinny as i can go as even safados i cant fit in due to the size of my thighs.  will be sure to get more washes in this cut, but currently diesel store only has two other washes that im not interested in.  bring on autumn/winter 2012 baby! :)  i was planning on getting these shoes to go w/ these jeans since i dont really have any low-profile shoes. and i think the small ankle opening...
i decided on the left pair.  here are some quick pics i took. sorry it was already getting kinda dark by time i got home and overcast so just took some pics by the window ;)   left pair:     right pair:   i tried taking pics of the back, but as many of you know the front facing cam kinda sucks on iphone ;)
well i have a tough decision to make today. i ordered two pair of braddoms so i could choose which wash i like more. i'm not sure which one i like more. im at work now so just snapped a couple of pics of them side by side (fit pics soon!).  what do ya'll think is the better wash? right or left? as far as the cut i think this is what i've been looking for! it's kinda got the skinny thing going but still roomy enough for my thighs! i really really like this cut and am glad...
just curious what everyone's stance is on this. say there was a wash you just had to have, but all that was available was one size smaller (too tight) or one size larger (too loose) than you normally wear. what would you go for?
i'll post fit pics. i love the wash but i'll admit im nervous about trying braddom. have not been able to try it on yet and i'm not gonna lie carrots/skinnies are def out of my comfort zone!
ok so i finally caved and ordered the braddom's off nordstrom.com.  the discount isnt 50% off yet, but im hoping they will be soon so i can go back and get a price adjustment. i ordered two pairs so i can pick and choose what wash i like the most.  im hoping 31x32 fits me perfect since it sounds like these are super thick denim and on all my super thick denim diesels i usually have to size up one.  looks like i ordered them just in time since i see the 31x32 are now no...
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