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best bet is to buy another pair of zathan 73y jeans and cut out a square from them. u can then use that square to patch up the hole on the pair u have now.
No offense, but i dont think they fit too good in the thighs or crotch. dont get me wrong i have some jeans like this, but they're more worn for comfort than anything. i feel your pain though. i just recently got viker 8at 30x32 and they stretched out SO much. i should have got a 29x32 and i have NO pants that are a 29 waist. oh well, what can ya do...    
i did a search for 'diesel 0075g' and found pics on this website...     http://ameblo.jp/shontacck/image-11105429945-11668586296.html   looks like 74y but w/o the knee patch...
the pairs ive seen look closer to the second pair...
hey phukette, i like that fit! im thinking of getting my first pair of braddom's. as a point of reference would u say the fit is comparable to viker or larkee or is it a lot larger leap? or is it totally an apples vs oranges type thing...
depends on the pair u got really. when i saw mine in the store i got a pair that was more bluish on the thighs instead of more white. love this wash!!!    
wow those are crazy! im so curious as to how they'd feel wearing all day! i almost think that's TOO thick, but who knows. lol
well for one, no offense was taken. your opinion is just that an opinion. im not big on giant logos but i have many many graphic tees that i adore. i actually agree and think the jeans would look better with a plain tshirt. as far as the point in this thread i see it's purpose more for showing people's denim in more accurate pictures of what they truly look like and not so much seeking 'fashion advice', trust me i have plenty of friends who give me that IRL lol :P
i'm 6'1" the size of the jeans is 31x32 (too big) a 30x32 is what i usually wear in viker and would have been my preference if available..    
well i dont think it looks bad but i agree to an extent. took ur advice and wore them again last night and paired them w/ a plain blue waffle shirt :)    
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