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anyone else find it odd that this thread is a 'sticky'?  perhaps we could make the current season a sticky instead?
omgosh!!!!!!!!!! must must must have 0801N!!! i hope to God they release it in braddom or viker!  cant for the life of me make krooley work!
we had a cowboy party today at the office and i had some full-length pics taken of my outfit so figured i'd share   viker 8at  
886p all the way! i dont think they're really much like 8e7 at all. this is a beautiful destroyed wash!
so i was going to cave and finally get a pair of these tomorrow.  do they stretch out quite a bit? is the denim pretty thick? i normally wear 30x32 but not sure if i should size down or up. please help!
chicken jeans would be awesome for someone w/ chicken legs!  love the creativity. im all about DIY denim!!!
going by the pic it looks fine to me. i would just leave it alone. very very few of the diesel manufactured holes in my jeans have grown so i doubt it would grow too much.
we have boxes full of paper w/ red dye on them at work. it has rubbed on the knees of my diesel denim many a time! usually i'll just get a wash cloth wet and rub the dye and it'll come out.  give that a try and see if it works!
post the link to the jeans man!
take a pic of the area you're talking about
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