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going by the pic it looks fine to me. i would just leave it alone. very very few of the diesel manufactured holes in my jeans have grown so i doubt it would grow too much.
we have boxes full of paper w/ red dye on them at work. it has rubbed on the knees of my diesel denim many a time! usually i'll just get a wash cloth wet and rub the dye and it'll come out.  give that a try and see if it works!
post the link to the jeans man!
take a pic of the area you're talking about
still looking for these. ive actually never bought anything off ebay (it makes me a little nervous).  i guess i'll order them off there as a last resort if people on this board can confirm that the seller is legit.  please help! 
honestly if i were to sell my 2003 772's id expect around the same price. the cut is out of style and that is some worn ass denim if it's 9 years old! as far as the greenish tint jeans bilibili, can you post a link to the jeans? maybe someone on this forum could pay for shipping and you could send it there way instead of sending it to the trash heap! :)
it means there is a faded effect. basically the lightness you'll find on the lap and thighs
i know this sounds so stupid, but i actually cant wait to get home so i can put them on. stuck at work wearing my larkee 880g's now! lol
LOVING these jeans so far.  not a wash that i'd wear to work, but had to snap another shot of them when i was getting dressed this morning.  they're so beautiful!!!  
not at first but eventually they will
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