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personally i think if a pair of denim doesnt fit you shouldnt wear it.  trust me brother there are many many washes i have to pass on because i cant make the cut they're released on work!   i will say you can get 888p in braddom, that's what i did and it fits well. if you can fit in koolter you should be able to make braddom work.
does anyone know all of the cuts that 660Q is going to be released in?
raj can you please please please post fit pics or at least more pics of 801n? like details of the legs and stuff? this is my fav wash from the season but $400 is a little too much for me to pull the trigger right now!
the style is skinny jeans
they got to be real. the color i dont mind but seriously those circles on the shin are hideous.  it must have been a diesel employees first day doing washes on this pair!
i would have thought yours would be zathan or zatiny for sure jeanetic!
So i was thinking this morning that the cut i hate the most and wish diesel would stop making is SAFADO!  yes i said it. there are so many cool washes that come out for that cut, but try as i might and trust me i've tried. i can not make that cut work for the life of me.  because viker is my favorite it seems to be diesel's thinking 'oh we only need to release this wash on one straight leg cut, let's do safado"  there are no details to this cut that i like and it'd...
ok that thanaz wash is my fav wash of the season so far! what wash is it? and do we know if it's coming in other cuts than thanaz?
yup. it says what you ordered on the listing dude. personally i think 772 is a better wash then 71j.  not sure how noticable the yellow stains are when you wear them, but they're not a part of the wash.
ming: is that pair of dsquared raw denim???
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