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iakop 88z    
i have them. go with your normal size.    
the 74k look bad ass! 
why do u ask the same question in 5 threads. makes no sense...
hey phukette. i was prob gonna order these today. on ur experience u think i should go w/ my normal size (30x32) or size up one to 31x32?  i normally wear 30x32 in viker, larkee & zatiny. i know the denim is really thick and im not necessarily trying to get slimming fit. worried if i get my normal size they'll be too tight and wont stretch since they're so thick...    
are u saying i have small balls??? that's not cool man...    
well how odd. just so happen to be wearing my zatiny 74f today too!     the more i wear my larkee and vikers the less and less i like my zatiny's on some of the washes they r just TOO lowcut and they always seem to crush my balls! love this wash though. and im actually with you qtjoker. safado looks weird as hell on me and usually i can hardly move my legs unless i size up to the point of that i have to wear a belt around the waste. 
that's cool im gonna have to give the nylon one's a try. ived tried the denim iron on ones and i dont like the way they change the feel of the jean in that area. when it folds on that area it kinda bunches up and feels and looks odd.  will give the nylon ones a try!
where can you get nylon patches from?
looks great! love this wash and was considering getting it in viker as well. think it might be a little too close to my 73n that i have in viker already tho...
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