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I'm so confused to your daily bumping of old ass threads mentioning 73n and 74w. Seriously what's the point?
Fake as fuck and fugly!!!!
Those haven't been released yet. Probably in a few months. Looks like they're corduroy.
i hope and pray 660q comes out in braddom!!!
those are real
i bookmarked those after i bought them cause i was sure they'd be willing to refund me the difference. sure enough they did no questions asked! yay!!!
yesterday to dinner    braddom 888p  
freaking love that 801n. but $400 is more then im willing to spend on denim!  
agreed plus if the size difference isnt major you can go with the better wash!
personally i think if a pair of denim doesnt fit you shouldnt wear it.  trust me brother there are many many washes i have to pass on because i cant make the cut they're released on work!   i will say you can get 888p in braddom, that's what i did and it fits well. if you can fit in koolter you should be able to make braddom work.
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