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i only see two colors?
i always loved this wash. the pics of it that ive seen posted on here looked fucking amazing as well. wish it came in more cuts~! 
really like that wash!
i was also thinking they need to be pulled up a little.  also, i love some stacking, but this is a little too much for my taste. i dont think it looks bad though.
the issue with me isnt bumping an old thread. it's doing it over and over and over simply saying '73n, 74w' doing it once. ok cool no biggie. if people dont respond to your response let it die. there is no need to find every old thread stating dark wash and saying your two favorite jeans. it's redundant! 
the particular pair you got looks great.  fits you amazing as well!
i have two older jeans on my want list:   viker 8ym and  koolter 8x2   neither released in the states :(   as far as fav wash that i already have:   viker 73n (kidding!)   it's prob viker 8y0
Still crossing my fingers that these come out in braddom! if you're reading this diesel. PLEASE!!!!!!
660q released in krooley on japan's site.  they dont look too good going off these pics!   http://www.store.diesel.co.jp/DIESEL/detail/tskay/7BE7302B/cod10/42255709OE/mm/125/agerange/Adult/mm/125
those look amazing. practically look like stock photos!
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