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thanks guys. i looked through everything those sellers have and didnt find what i was looking for.  hopefully it'll pop up soon
I'm not feeling too many of the current washes so currently i am trying to 'go back' and grab pairs i missed out on and it seems that ebay is the best resource.   I'm super paranoid about buying fakes or getting ripped off so I was thinking we could start an authentic ebay seller thread as I searched and didnt find one.   So far I know that dieselofmiami is legit.  Can anyone else list ebay sellers that have a lot of diesels they're trying to get rid of?
personally i've never wanted a pair of jeans so bad that i've got a size that wasnt mine. if it's not 100% right my rule of thumb is to pass.  seeing as it sounds that you'll be keeping these i wouldnt hesitate to hem (original hems), however best to post fit pics as both of these are skinny washes and stacking would prob look good or not bad enough to need to hem. they're not bootcut or anything so it's not like the back is going to drag on the ground and get all ratty...
they look fine to me
supposedly the current one they're selling is dark. i prefer that one honestly...
I was curious about sizing for diesel jeans.  in general, is the size of the waist the same no matter what or does it vary according to the length of the inseam? for example if i tried on a size 30x30 in zatiny of a certain wash and it was too tight. is it safe to say that if i ordered the size i actually wear (30x32) in viker of the same wash it'd also be too tight?
i really really like this wash. i'd imagine it's hard to base an opinion of the wash off these pics as they're obviously poor quality cell phone pics.  still crossing my fingers it comes out in a cut i can werk!
this is a potential buy from the season. really like the wash going from the pics, but im afraid they prob dont look like that in real. plus too pricey for a wash w/ not too many details...
oh i couldnt see the navy at first glance. i didnt think trippple stitch was a design feature on thanaz. just krooley and thavar i thought?
i only see two colors?
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