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another fun thing about fashion is it always comes full circle. why do you think i havent let go of this pair of jeans? im sure in 5 years or so bootcut will be in and skinny jeans will be considered hideous. who knows. we may be wearing jnco's again.
the fun thing about fashion is that it's always evolving. the old things will go and new things will come. no need to live in the past quite yet. i'm sure there will be new cuts released that will fit all of our fashion needs. i do find it a little alarming though in one year we have no more: thanaz, viker, shioner and teppar. (hopefully krooly and safado next fingers crossed)
im still sticking with real IMO. the pair i have only has distressing on the back pockets that occurred with wear over time. the tag on the wrong side is suspect, but not enough to say these are fake. you can even tell at the leg opening at the bottom that this pair has thick denim (15oz). if they were fake they''d be thin shit denim.  also the inner tag of my pair matches these.       The faded second tag leads me to believe they're rejects. all of this does not...
much better in your pics than the one's ive seen online.
actually i just looked at my pair and the 5th coin pockets rivets are the same. real IMO.
im not convinced. 772 had a long run w/ lots of dif distressing on each pair. they look real to me.
im fine w/ it. i think it's a redundant cut. switch to thavar or darron for similar fit.
wow. didnt really care for that wash til now. looks NICE!!!
looks like top of rivet popped off. i would also send back.
i think i like those gas jogs more than diesel jogs. not available in US tho
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