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nice wash
no i mean how do the sellers know it's 12.5 oz. i rarely see diesel release this info so how do they know the exact weight of the washes? i recently got some unbranded raw denim that is 14.5 oz but feels closer to some diesel jeans i have that are like 11 oz. 
but how do you find out the weight? 
i'll say. i like thicker denim in general.
def not
those must be the strangest pair of pants ever. only thing that could make them crazier is if they had a third leg.
it looks like someone tried them on and their big toe went straight thru the distressed area. yes it can happen again, but you have to be careful w/ jeans that have holes made on them is all i can suggest.
no. send them back.
those r cool
also much more money than that one so they should be.
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