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what wash is it?  im not sure what u expect them to do. make padded cotton area on the ass? ive never had an issue w/ that on any of my pair of diesels... if it's just your particular pair, exchange it for some size and wash. defects do happen.
what is the wash you're talking about and what is your complaint to them?
8x2. it's a better wash over all, plus you already have a lot of dark washes.  IMO 74y is too close to 8ne to warrant getting it anyway too...
no it's an old ambercrombie belt that i customized when i was tweaking on crystal meth many years ago 
like 803u the most i think!
got my larkee 8ym's in friday. little side note. i saw someone wearing these back in 2008/09 i think in zatiny and loved them so much they're actually responsible for falling in love w/ diesel. not sure i why i waited so long to get em, but i did and i absolutely love them!  back when blue eyecons were still good :D    
thanks man. i just noticed nordstrom is having a big sale today. dont know if diesel is trying to clear out their 8x2 stock or what, but they have a lot of 8x2 sizes posted up today   http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/diesel-thavar-slim-straight-jeans-08x2/3297903?origin=category&BaseUrl=Apparel
that wash is a bit of a let down for a blue eyecon. a lot of the blue eyecons from last season were pretty poor to me too to have 'blue eyecon' status.  only good one was 888p :(
i got my first pair of thavars yesterday. not as bad as i was expecting! i sized up two and while the thighs are still a lot tighter then i like it's worth it to have 8x2!       larkee 8ym's come in soon hopefully, then i'll have completed getting all the washes i missed out on :)
this is actually thavar. if you look at the pics they just mislabeled it.
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