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that wash is a bit of a let down for a blue eyecon. a lot of the blue eyecons from last season were pretty poor to me too to have 'blue eyecon' status.  only good one was 888p :(
i got my first pair of thavars yesterday. not as bad as i was expecting! i sized up two and while the thighs are still a lot tighter then i like it's worth it to have 8x2!       larkee 8ym's come in soon hopefully, then i'll have completed getting all the washes i missed out on :)
this is actually thavar. if you look at the pics they just mislabeled it.
8ne has a unique type of fabric unlike any of my other jeans. It almost kinda drapes over the body. It looks great on my Larkees, but I could see it being a problem on skinnies!
perfect. thank you!!!
Sorry, what i meant to say is under the search for mens/jeans/diesel. they should still show up, right?  i see all the other jeans but not the ones you posted. how did u see that they started selling those washes?
anyone have any idea why those washes dont show up in my yoox diesel jeans search?  
Can anyone confirm if this is an authentic seller?   https://www.blueberries-online.com/   Also, i've never ordered jeans from abroad.  What do you think i could expect to pay in duty fees from UK to USA?
those are real
Well no fit pics yet, but this has been a great week for me and diesel. Got the last two old washes that have been on my wish list for a while now. Larkee 8ym for $155 (hopefully shipping from uk to USA doesn't have too much in duty fees) also thavar 8x2 for $95! Now just got to wait for them to get here!
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