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they are real and most diesel washes DO look dif pair to pair. i like that about diesel!
grill shopping at home depot last night. hmmm do i want a grill or a new pair of jeans? haha   viker 8y0    
im lucky in that i know 3 people well more like 4 from my local diesel store. haha keeping that in mind i still rarely go just cause im too lazy! :P
NOT JUST THAVAR! a lot of them have it right in the pocket area on the left thigh. kinda getting tired of this honestly! switch it up a little diesel jeez. haha
of course u can dare!
what wash is it?  im not sure what u expect them to do. make padded cotton area on the ass? ive never had an issue w/ that on any of my pair of diesels... if it's just your particular pair, exchange it for some size and wash. defects do happen.
what is the wash you're talking about and what is your complaint to them?
8x2. it's a better wash over all, plus you already have a lot of dark washes.  IMO 74y is too close to 8ne to warrant getting it anyway too...
no it's an old ambercrombie belt that i customized when i was tweaking on crystal meth many years ago 
like 803u the most i think!
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