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8w7 is a nice wash. my friend has them. i want them in viker but not sure if i should go w/ my normal size on these or not. i tried a 30x30 in zatiny and it was tight as hell. not sure if a 30x32 (my normal size) in viker would have the same tightness or not...
Tepphar 8w7
thank u kindly
yes. honestly im the type that if it doesnt fit i will pass on it. would rather wait for something that's perfect to pop up. if im spending $200 it better fit!
8ne is an awesome wash. one of my favs
+ one. they look really worn so they're naturally made holes, plus stitching. the only one that's too hard to tell is number 2 as you cant really tell crap going by that pic.
8ym in larkee or viker 30x32 or 31x32   also koolter 8x2 in 31x32   can anyone share other legit ebay sellers?
i like the diesel ones the most too
do you like those jeans? 
oh btw i noticed this morning thavar 8x2 is now 25% off in diesel's US site.
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