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you can find 8n1 in viker on ebay. it's a great wash!
i would say both.
dont think the legs of mine have stretched at all. i stuck w/ my normal size (30x32) and they were a bit tight upon first wear. they feel perfect now. i literally feel like these jeans were molded for my body.  the thing im worried about is how these will react like traditional raw denim. im gonna be pissed if the 3d effect hinders the fading!
mine stretched more than i thought they would. maybe a half size? dip washing them for the first at the end of this month (9 months of wear). hope they turn out nice!
i have 772 and they're def lighter than 772. cant speak for 8sz as i dont have them.
they're a light colored jean.
link isnt working for me :(
Keep them they both look great
Buy them and see
They're more black IMO. Black with blue dye or blue jeans rubbed with black dye. Hard to describe. They're from 'the cool of coal' line
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