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8y0 is prob my fav wash. Well worth the $. The brown weft really makes the wash something special!
I have it too by now
8ne is one of my fav washes! Love the fit too, but I have it in larkee
i highly highly doubt it. i know the waist is going to be too big but if everything else is huge too im hoping that's gonna be the fit im looking for!
for some reason 8x2 didnt show up on my yoox diesel jeans search. not sure how kev even found that item    as far as the fit goes... when 8x2 first came out i remember trying it on in a 30x32 and i dont even think my legs could fit in them due to my thighs. waist was fine, but the thigh area is what i remember being the problem. it was so bad i just passed at the time, but as more time goes on the more i keep coming back to this wash and want it.  hopefully sizing up...
Ashz takes the best fit pics. they seriouly look like theyre the quality to be posted on a retailers website and the most realistic! bravo!
Score! just ordered these in a 32x32. my normal size is 30x32, but i'm hoping by sizing up two i'll get a closer fit to braddom.  I've been searching for months now for this wash in koolter, and at this point ive all but given up.  Plus $95 total plus free shipping, you just cant beat that.  This made my day! literally just had someone in the office tell me 'well you've got quite a bit of pep in your step today' hahaha
this one   http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/DIESEL/dept/men/tskay/3FD17CD7/rr/1/cod10/42249810DQ/sts/sr_men80
not seen them either. would have been better to ask the guy what kind of jeans he was wearing instead of snap a pic and then post about it ;)
i agree. u can google koolter turbo denim and all the details match that second pair.
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