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i'll more than likely get them in viker once they're on markdown as this is really the only wash i like from this season apart from thavar 802j
they look great in your pics. are the colors in your pics pretty ttl? ive seen some where the fading on the lap is brown and i dont care for that too much. they look amazing in your pics though. 
i contrast to his opinion. it depends on your build. i think my braddoms fit much better than my thavars!
can you post more pics of the detail of the jeans?  this is the only pair from this season im considering getting but im iffy on denim having polyester.  does it make them feel weird?
the one's i saw didnt have much variation. those look different mostly due to the way the pictures were taken.
i dunno. why did they make them blue? why did they add belt loops? these questions make just as much sense as yours! lol
oh and great fits everybody! :)
what do you mean dior jeans draws to a close? like they're gonna stop making them?
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