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what do you mean dior jeans draws to a close? like they're gonna stop making them?
Yes. All my vikers run long. Better for stacking!!!
usually i love the summer line. not feeling any of these to be honest. and wtf is up with the high waters???
art gallery this weekend wore my viker 73n       for my partner's birthday i got him his first pairs of diesels. he finally wore them that night too larkee 888b    
My 888ps haven't stretched at all but my 8x2s have....
i noticed this last week. every now and then yoox has 'errors' like this. like when i got my 8x2 for $95! :)
yes. you can see at the pockets and other areas they've turned blue! i was always under the impression that 88z was a raw look. not a real raw denim...
please do! that'd be awesome!!!
real. those are funny though. never seen worn 88z. i thought they werent supposed to fade!
raj you should take more pictures of your washes like that. makes it much easier to see all the details that way.
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