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when i tried krayver on it felt like braddom to me but with smaller leg openings *shrug* as far as darron i thought the details were super cool 4 years ago, but i find they are starting to look very dated to me now. krooley i never enjoyed because the crotch is just too damn low. i guess we will see what diesel's plan is with cuts in the next year :) watch this space!
love that bracelet
the one leftvapor posted are really nice. dont like the ones on cultizm
i got my first pair of raw denim in yesterday, but unfortunately i have to send them back. i guess diesel really does do vanity sizing. im a size 30 in diesel but these were so tight i couldnt even get the first button done.  placed another order today for 31 & 32" waist.  Hopefully one of those fit!  Can't wait to start wearing them in   the unbranded brand slim straight cut. only $82  
bye Felicia!
krayver is comparable to krooley or braddom. belther should replace darron soon i hope.
cant remember, but i've been eyeing those too. they're like $250 on US store so not even worth it IMO.
zatiny and new fanker are comparable IMO
lookin good guys!
this past week i bought two pairs of non-diesel jeans for the first time in 5 years. i think that really says something. diesel is taking a change in direction and i'm not sure i'm down for the ride. we will see. i thiink this next year is gonna be a make it or break time as it'll really show what that one lady gaga guy can (or cannot) do.
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