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well the way you posted it you made it sound like they were $10, but that's the starting bid and highly unlikely you'll get them for that price!
uh that's the starting bid dude. lol
they look 10x better on you than the zatinys
too much filter for my liking.
im just curious where they get this info from? if diesel releases it to the shop why not release on the label of the jeans? 
roomier in the top block from what i remember. you should check out krayver. it's comparable to braddom but w/ smaller leg openings. dont know about belther.
nice wash
no i mean how do the sellers know it's 12.5 oz. i rarely see diesel release this info so how do they know the exact weight of the washes? i recently got some unbranded raw denim that is 14.5 oz but feels closer to some diesel jeans i have that are like 11 oz. 
but how do you find out the weight? 
i'll say. i like thicker denim in general.
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