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yes that's the same wash. i got my pair of diesel.com store
im going to dinner tonight with a friend. i'll ask him to snap some shots. he's gonna be thinking 'wtf' though. haha
they all looks really nice!
honestly i dont like either. i like simple belts. i think the pattern is a little tacky. hard to imagine wearing that with 8x2, 73n, 888p. it'd totally kill the outfit! lol
they look good but IMO safado r not meant to be sagged in the ass
they all look real IMO
honestly i wouldnt be able to tell the difference. if those three stitches were on there i wouldnt know one way or the other. the quality is the same IMO
i would still get 888p they've been my fav go to pair this summer!
yes i agree, even though it's not made in italy. reminds me of an updated 8sv.  i was thinking of getting 801n, but now that i have these i dont think i need another dark, streaky distressed wash.
got my thavar 802j in today. at work so no fit pics yet but figured i'd post pics of the jeans.      
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