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got my thavar 802j in today. at work so no fit pics yet but figured i'd post pics of the jeans.      
it's def your cut. they look like they were made for you. as far as the wash i thought they were 888p when i first saw them
they look great!
the leap from viker to braddom is not that severe.  little roomier in the thigh area and tighter in the calf area.
i most def will!
do you mean they're a little looser or a little tighter? mine are due to arrive on tuesday. cant wait!
aramis. do your 802j's fit the same as your 8x2? did u get the same size?
i posted them here a while back   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/64112/what-diesel-are-you-wearing-today/20625   i know i look very very fat since im wearing two sizes above a 30" waist!
picked up thavar 802j for $205 total yesterday. got the same size as my 8x2s i hope they fit the same!
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