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i have 772 and they're def lighter than 772. cant speak for 8sz as i dont have them.
they're a light colored jean.
link isnt working for me :(
Keep them they both look great
Buy them and see
They're more black IMO. Black with blue dye or blue jeans rubbed with black dye. Hard to describe. They're from 'the cool of coal' line
i think it's actually koolter in 8v4.   here's a link to the wash in krooly.   http://www.ssense.com/men/product/diesel/krooley_8v4_jeans/32365
what about this one?   http://www.yoox.com/us/42253582OH/item?dept=denimmen#sts=SearchResult&cod10=42253582OH&sizeId=   is it larkee 8w7?
they are real and most diesel washes DO look dif pair to pair. i like that about diesel!
grill shopping at home depot last night. hmmm do i want a grill or a new pair of jeans? haha   viker 8y0    
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