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saw 75L this morning in larkee. def getting these!   http://zozo.jp/shop/diesel/goods.html?gid=1835588&did=&cid=1660&rid=1048
definately real
really like 75l and 806p!
fuckit those 882H look very nice. i always thought they looked good from the online pics but they look great in yours too!
they have a lot of those already? 88z 880g and a lot more this past season...
because of the 3d effect a 32 is usually shorter than a 32 w/o wrinkles so i think it'd be pretty easy to go up w/o them appearing too much longer
808z and 807c would be good side by side too.
not really fit pics but i took some close up pics of my thavar 802J with my dslr camera this weekend so figured i'd share.  really love this wash!    
Fit pics look 10x better like that fuckit!
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