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left vapor i think u look better in the thanaz
this wash is also coming out in larkee. i'll prob snag it in those.   http://zozo.jp/shop/diesel/goods.html?gid=1835588&did=&cid=1660&rid=1048
best to wear a plain color t-shirt w/ this wash IMO. i think my biggest problem w/ them is the color. it's fugly 
not a fan of back in the saddle. waykee looks like a cross between viker and larkee. im curious to give them a try.
this. the only ones on sale are ugly boring shitty ones *thumbs down*
i like it too. what is pva though?
very cool! 
yes. why do you not accept they're real. if you ask for advice and dont get the answer you like why are you even asking?
too plain for my tastes.
saw 75L this morning in larkee. def getting these!   http://zozo.jp/shop/diesel/goods.html?gid=1835588&did=&cid=1660&rid=1048
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