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oh dear. we can let 55 rock band singers buy that limited edition jean than 
+ i agree
that's the ones i got. dark gray. just an added bonus on them being MII. on your pair did the stripes fade away?  I thought i read that somewhere before?  Also how did you find the length? long or short on this pair?
where are the pics of that wash?
look like fakes to me. need pics of the inner tag tho.
i just saw this on diesel's website saying these are ss2014 so maybe there is still hope...     http://shop.diesel.com/viker-008qp/00AAZL008QP.html?dwvar_00AAZL008QP_color=02#.Uv47CGJdV8E
holy fuck i just got braddom 802k for $50!!!!!!!!!! have never got diesels that cheap!!! plus free shipping. best deal EVER!
wow cant remember the last time i saw jeans 40% off. the sad thing is i really dont think there are any that i want :(
so basically be very VERY cautious ordering this one online lol
krooley 824a   http://zozo.jp/shop/diesel/goods/3366595/?did=   hopefully comes out in some other cuts
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