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i hate to say it, but i cant think of any cut that would work for you. maybe larkee relaxed but that's straight cut. diesel only has i think 3 bootcuts and they're all pretty interchangeable IMO
http://zozo.jp/shop/diesel/goods/3748123/?did=   these are pretty rad
denim weight
wash as infrequently as possible. wash inside out on gentle cycle. line dry and as you hang to dry re-crumble the 3d effect areas.  eventually they'll wash out completely, but this will help
size up. this pair of jeans is not flattering on ur body.
 827Y prob my fav wash from this season, just wish it came out in more cuts. 
what wash?
dude simmer down i wasnt mocking you at all. just saying it's unlikely you'll ge those jeans for $10
well the way you posted it you made it sound like they were $10, but that's the starting bid and highly unlikely you'll get them for that price!
uh that's the starting bid dude. lol
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