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quoted for truth. i guess we will have to wait to see IRL
super cool. the stitching in the crotch area is very interesting.
ive gotten jeans for less believe it or not. only reason i got them was cause they were so cheap. at the time i did not wear thavar.  also for those who are interested 8y0 is also posted.  one of the first D.N.A. jeans and one of my fav washes!   http://www.yoox.com/us/42356791WE/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=42356791WE&sizeId=
wow really didnt realize it was possible to get braddom this baggy! how many sized did you go up from your normal size?
that's so funny. i got 8x2 off yoox like two years ago for only $80 now they're $180.
cool wash
i hate to say it, but i cant think of any cut that would work for you. maybe larkee relaxed but that's straight cut. diesel only has i think 3 bootcuts and they're all pretty interchangeable IMO
http://zozo.jp/shop/diesel/goods/3748123/?did=   these are pretty rad
denim weight
wash as infrequently as possible. wash inside out on gentle cycle. line dry and as you hang to dry re-crumble the 3d effect areas.  eventually they'll wash out completely, but this will help
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