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+1 anyone know if this is coming out in other cuts?
it never shows up in the forum for me. never seen anything on kitchen stuff not even once. i check almost daily but only read the diesel forum. that's so odd. the only spam i see is every now and then someone doing a sales pitch on their clothing website or ebay auctions but it is pretty rare.
   this wash would be so much better without those awkward crotch holes. reminds me of 882d. is the denim pretty thick?
honestly im happy to hear that. now lets get rid of safado!
i never see any spam that's weird.
8x2 is very thick denim IMO. i sized up and it's still very tight on inner knee area and difficult to cross my legs and such. thavar is not really my cut but i had to have this wash!
i personally think that a highly desired wash like 8x2 is only going to get harder to find new as time goes on.  i would snag it while i can. after all it's still under retail price.
i check yoox all the time and there doesnt seem to be any rhyme or reason to what they get. they'll get stuff from 6 months ago (like today) and then all of a sudden stuff from 4 years ago (like a month ago).  like fuckit said just check it often.
nice wash. is the large gash on the left reinforced?
does anyone know what boots these are?   http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/diesel-safado-slim-fit-jeans-0608c/3710021?origin=category&BaseUrl=Clothing
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