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look on the back of the tag maybe next to 'data'? my guess is the 80s tho ;)
8bt is a lot cooler in my book.
not 100% sure but i dont think so. it's got distress marks and some very subtle fading on it as is.
yup nothing is trendy forever. skinny jeans days are def numbered IMO. as far as bootcut a lot of people wear bootcut jeans in dallas, but i would say these are not fashionable people. they are usually jeans with a bunch of sequins beads and rivets on the back pocket. they make me want to puke to be honest.
only if we're lucky.
+1 anyone know if this is coming out in other cuts?
it never shows up in the forum for me. never seen anything on kitchen stuff not even once. i check almost daily but only read the diesel forum. that's so odd. the only spam i see is every now and then someone doing a sales pitch on their clothing website or ebay auctions but it is pretty rare.
   this wash would be so much better without those awkward crotch holes. reminds me of 882d. is the denim pretty thick?
honestly im happy to hear that. now lets get rid of safado!
i never see any spam that's weird.
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