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before i read all the comments i was about to post the same thing. all the blue eyecons this season suck. there's nothing distinguishing them from a normal diesel wash at all. in fact a lot of the 'normal' washes i prefer'. they really dropped the ball on that division of diesel jeans. 834a is nice, but even that just looks like a standard jean. dont even get me started on 834b
they look a little too baggy. can you go down one size in the waist? waykee is pretty comparable fit to larkee.
they look a ton better with you getting them reinforced. i too am tired of all this crazy washes. i wish diesel would do more natural washes too. like 830p is beautiful wash but those holes kill it for me! diesel is being too extreme really wish they'd scale it back some.
really great pair of jeans. how thick is the denim?
look on the back of the tag maybe next to 'data'? my guess is the 80s tho ;)
8bt is a lot cooler in my book.
not 100% sure but i dont think so. it's got distress marks and some very subtle fading on it as is.
yup nothing is trendy forever. skinny jeans days are def numbered IMO. as far as bootcut a lot of people wear bootcut jeans in dallas, but i would say these are not fashionable people. they are usually jeans with a bunch of sequins beads and rivets on the back pocket. they make me want to puke to be honest.
only if we're lucky.
+1 anyone know if this is coming out in other cuts?
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