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where are you getting the alternate pics of the washes from weenie?
great pair!
really like those 834f, not a fan of grey jeans. wish diesel would do alternate color washes where it's all the same details, but blue dye instead on grey washes. wishful thinking on my behalf!
Krayver 834B looks SOOOOO much better on the zozo pics. it makes me actually want to buy it. a year or two ago we had diesel store using pics of the jeans that did not look like the actual jeans and now they've gone to the opposite side of the spectrum and made each pair look so monotonous and similar to one another. i cant remember the last time i ooooh and aaaaaaaahed over a diesel store stock pic.
+1 and those safados are the ugliest jeans i have seen from diesel in a very very long time.
pic not loading for me for some reason 
or that you accidently ran over with a lawn mower lol
im repulsed by those. when will diesel realize that if they're super distressed they need to not be dark washes? super fake looking. anything that is that distressed is not going to still be a dark color. 
That other thread has me all hot and bothered about the current blue eyecons this season. i figured i'd try and focus on the positive and the washes that made me fall in love w/ diesel (the blue eyecons in particular).  For me it's a toss up between 8ym and 888p   seriously be best dark wash of denim ever IMO   the best light wash of denim ever IMO
they def dont seem to meat the criteria of taking 4 days to make. i mean seriously where is the tlc going? one day to make a leg, one day to make the other leg? third day dye it and the 4th add the tags once they're dry.
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