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Is this 7FAM jeans real?   http://imageshack.us/g/1/9943128/
Can you please help? Ralph Lauren Jeans Auth Check Is this...
Thanks a lot
Hi Can you tell me which ones are guaranteed authentic? Also, if you could tell me which ones are super soft as well, that would really help...
Most probably fake. AFAIK the croc is supposed to be in the opposite direction.   And >90% of the lacoste stuff on ebay is fake. And most of the real stuff will probably be at least as expensive if not costlier than buying from a proper online or retail store. Stick to genuine websites.
If their sale price everywhere else is over $300, then these are probably fake.   It is rare for authentic stuff to be 1/3rd the price of the second cheapest option available.
if they sell authentic stuff which is nearly as good as retail stuff at much cheaper prices, why doesn't everybody buy only from these guys? If you get 95% of the quality at 20% the price, why would you spend five times the amount?  Also, why have they been accused of selling fakes in bulk? And, how are they able to sell Coach handbags and stuff within $50 or so?
Are guys and girls inseams different in length? I am a guy, 5 feet 9 1/2 inches And I wear a 30-31" inseem. 32 is a little too long, and 33 isn't okay at all. 30.5-31 is ideal to have it a little hanging. However, I wear low wait.
Hi I have never bought from them directly.   However, I would like to know people's experience with them.   Do they sell S2D? Do they sell Seconds/Defective stuff? Do they even sell some/all fake stuff?   Here is an interesting thread and I really got scared reading it: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/blogs/threadny/THREAD-Burberry-Accuses-TJ-Maxx-Marshalls-of-Selling-Counterfeit-Goods-87240857.html   Can you guys pass your comments!
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