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^ It's already unlocked, I just wanted to prove the point about it not being just a "regular old phone."
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder the blackjack is an att exclusive phone, thus having proprietary software. even if you unlock it you won't be able to use features like email and web access on t-mobile's network, it will just be a regular old phone... Nope, you're wrong. With the help of some friends at Howardforums, I can check my email, d/l songs and games, etc., on my "ATT Exclusive" Samsung Blackjack on Tmobile's network...
Damn, Howardforums is crazy.
What is the best or a really good cell phone forum site to ask questions and get help? Like HF's cell phone counterpart? tia.
You can get like $100k for one of your kidneys on the black market, and the best part is you only need one to live.
It wasn't bad for me because lucky enough some teachers gave them out last week, and some gave them this week, plus I had a weekend class. So instead of seven finals this week, I had three last week, three this week, and one almost a month ago for a weekend class. Plus knowing the fact that I will never be coming back was motivation enough to study and get them done...Otherwise me and tests do not get along at all...
Quote: Originally Posted by Egotist Call up att and tell them you're going over seas on business for the next year and you want to use your phone while you're there. Free... I have Tmobile though, or does that not matter. Or call ATT and tell them that just to get the unlock code for their phone? I am not sure if I understand...
Quote: Originally Posted by duph you could also try calling t mobile and asking them for the unlock code, i know cingular gives it out sometimes Someone on here said their friend works for Tmobile and they said they won't unlock phones...
I just bought a Blackjack for use with Cingular, but I have Tmobile. I want to unlock it. I saw one guy on eBay who would do it, but I have to send him the IMEI#. Any problems if he has this number?
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