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nm, got it. thanks!
I did. I was close and far and upstairs. Someone told me to be at least three feet away...
Is anyone good with computers and wouldn't mind giving me help for a few minutes here or PM? I set up my router and everything works fine, but I can't access my network from my laptop. I can see it full signal in my networks available, but when I click connect it says 'unable to connect to selected network because it may no longer be in range. Please refresh.' So I do, and the same thing happens again. Any suggestions? Thank you!
I've seen it...greedy b@$tards.
Italia. Their opening draw and then loss to France were flukes. Although I like Lippi, I think Donadoni has and will continue to do a fine job at the helms of the Azzurri...
cool, thanks
Another question, is there a big difference between b and g? The b seems to be a little cheaper. TIA.
Linksys it is.
What is a cheap quality wireless router. I just want to setup a network in my house, nothing big. Every router I research on cnet.com seems to have bad reviews. What do you recommend?
Got one of them. Worldwide Television streams.
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