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I will... and you can all subscribe, and make me look popular
oh no, 'chrisblog' was just an example.
oh nice, thanks.
I have a blog with blogger, and was wondering if there was a way to get my web address without the 'blogspot' in the title. You know, if it's www.chrisblog.blogspot.com, how do I get rid of blogspot? Do I have to buy the domain name, and then run my address through their site? Is there a way? tia.
hmm, i wonder how long before a pill comes out to treat this...?
as for your $1,000,000 q, here are the three best sites to do stock research: thestreet.com fool.com morningstar.com most experts recommend an hour a week research on any stock you are interested in buying... good luck
Too many ads in one day, it is possible.
Anthony - easy enough Ben - cool I will try that. CL = craigslist
How do I use a proxy?
I think my IP address got banned from CL, and want to know how to reset or change it. I have DSL. thanks.
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