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^ Yeah... Maybe Laurie should lock this. I think I got the answer I was looking for...
First, I don't want this to turn into a "Mac vs PC" war... I just want opinions or facts on refurbished macs. Is it worth it? Are they as good as new? Risky to buy one? Etc. Thanks.
Nice. Thanks dude.
The actual URL, or do you mean Blogger?
Anyone know? Thanks.
Forum members that can never contribute a positive, encouraging or optimistic post and always have to ruin a thread by adding their asinine comment(s) because they hate their life and feel it necessary to inform every other member of this.
that group of people that crowd the gym two weeks after new years and one week before spring break, and are never to been seen again in between... that guy that works out in jeans that guy that works out in sandals that guy that stands in front of the whole dumbbell rack that guy that leaves sweat puddles behind and never wipes anything down that guy that does bent over rows or shrugs on a squat rack and then leaves the bar with all the weight there that guy that...
that guy that refers to all his friends as not "bro," but "brah."
Quote: Originally Posted by maddiconner That's a little different (very different IMO) because, if you're anything like my daughter (also 1st gen) you speak the language, have been there numerous times and know lots about the culture, including the fact that there is no such thing as Alfredo sauce in Italy. LOL lol, ok good. I actually try to avoid it at most costs. There is always "that one guy" who says "ohh, so your dad is in the mafia?" ...
Am I that guy? My father is Sicilian and I am a first generation American...
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