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lol. oh man are people stupid
Quote: Originally Posted by Hilarys54 I'm staying at the Travel Lodge on Michigan. It's a dive, but it's cheap, right across from Grant Park (like a 5-10 minute walk), and some of the rooms have mini-kitchens in them. The weather is hot, sunny, and humid. Plan on wearing tank tops and shorts. Ha, I know that guy that owns that hotel and the parking lot across from it. lol, it IS a dive hotel and the funny thing is that they re-did it not too...
^ Hot, sunny, and hot and humid... Shopping... everywhere, State St., Rush St., Michigan Ave., Oak St...
Quote: Originally Posted by courtzzzz69 I would love to see: The Raconteurs Rage NIN Radiohead Me too! 2nd.
the essentials: money/cards/ID in clip, phone, keys, jump drive
lol, yup.
the guy who talks like this in his IMs - xxxxxx: but i have like a 10g wardrobe xxxxxx: i have so many 200 dollars shirts xxxxxx: dude like so many armani shirts xxxxxx: i have armani sweaters and button ups i've never even worn xxxxxx: all 150 each
lol, yeah it should be down here on Friday...
Quote: Originally Posted by sinclairaw ok, in a less biased way: refurbished items in general are not risky to buy- i've bought many refurbished electronics from various brands and can't remember one of them failing prematurely. apple provides excellent warranty service for all its products, and its even better if you have applecare. it seems that there is also an unspoken additional facet to applecare; several of my friends with applecare have gotten...
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