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hi, can you add exact measurements please?
Diesel Kuratt Straight Leg Jeans 32x34 70z Size 32x34 70z Wash Made In Italy 100% Authentic Diesel Jeans Has a small hole in the back bottom of the left leg near the hem from me walking on them Minimal fraying in the hems No other holes, or cuts, or damage Measurements -    Waist buttoned with dip - 16 inches    Inseam - 33.5 inches    Leg opening - 9.5 inches    Crotch to waist above button - 10.5 inches The pictures speak for themselves.  Please ask any questions...
Diesel Safado Jeans 33x32 *Please Read Description for Size Information* Almost new Diesel Safado Jeans Wash 8YM Dark blue/denim color Size reads 33x32 - Actual measurements are closer to 34x34    Waist buttoned up with dip - 17 inches    Inseam from crotch hem to leg hem - 33.5 inches    Leg opening - 8 inches Factory distressing, whiskering and worn look.  Subtle red rust and paint stains in the distressed knee area Hems are still good and no fraying from being walked...
What cuts are closest to Levan and Larkee? I need some new jeans but can't find any of the aforementioned in my size on ebay or here for that matter. How much slimmer is Viker than Larkee or Levvan? Thanks.
Real? thanks.
Played out or not doesn't mean there's no merit to it. To tell you the truth, it saddens me how much respect you lack for people you don't even know. I pray for your friends and family (if you have any) because they are the ones who have to deal with you on a daily basis. I can't even imagine what you are like in real life and wouldn't want to... And I HOPE you don't have a significant other, if so, both of you may need to go in and have your heads examined.
Oh man you two are funny. It's actually quite sad how you have to resort to e-bullying to make up for whatever it is you lack in your pathetic little lives, versus responding with a civilized respectable comment or none at all... cocksuckers... @ eclipse, we had a falling out a couple of years ago, but it was nothing serious. I don't know what the problem could be.
I got an IM last night from someone who used to be my friend saying "karma's a bitch"/ you fa***t p***y" What are the legalities of anything said here? Is the karma statement considered a threat? Is the latter considered harassment? Should I worry? Who says this before they exact revenge (if they do)? TIA.
Anyone know about them and mind giving me a little help? TIA.
Hire a PI.
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