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New With Tags, Doma Leather Jacket with knit lining, size large! I absolutely adore this jacket, I coveted it for a long time but it was always a little too small for me so it's time to let it go. I purchased it last year at Nordstrom Rack, it still has tags! Retailed for $558 asking $225 shipped to the US with insurance and delivery confirmation. The color has darkened a little over time, and it's not as boxy as the pictures seem, so hence the stock picture for fit. This...
1.*SOLD* NIB Louboutin Arielle talon rocca natural, size 37 watersnake boots. These have only been tried on and walked around in the house, they are new but have been vibram-ed at the bottom of the soles and have a pair of foot petals on the inside that can be removed. The only weird thing is underneath one of the shoes is a crinkle effect, see photographs.The size is 37 but due to the narrow box is best for a 36 or 36.5 with narrow-regular feet. I love these to death...
Thank you much!
Here's the microstiching for the clush, what do you guys think?
Thanks Dave, I'll ask the seller and see if he can get it sent to me before auction's end
Hi, can you guys please tell me if these are real? TIA!
I'm so jealous!
How do these run?
If you are by some chance in the Bay Area, I would say go to On the Run in San Francisco. They have this little thing they make you walk through and it gives you a reading of how you walk then they fit you accordingly. I don't run much, but I do go to the gym and for cardio the right shoe can save your workout and relieve stress on your joints. I have wide and flat feet, so the sales person came out with a few options and tried them each on me to ensure a perfect fit. My...
$20 Roberto Cavalli pumps at TJ Maxx.
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