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I bought the shorts in-store, NYC 5th Ave location. There were about 8 when I got it.   It's available online as well. http://store.diesel.com/us/short-pant_cod36405301tr.html
I agree about the price, it's a great deal. I might get it if it goes on sale later this year.
Bought these today. The shorts and sweater are so effin comfortable.   Kroshort-NE (jogg jeans)           Salena-RS   The inside of this hoodie feels like a baby's bottom; so soft! It is slightly thick and has kangaroo pockets that isn't noticeable. I also love the fact that it doesn't have some obnoxious logo or tag. (I never wear clothes that advertise the brand.)
Sigh, so I went to the store today (5th Ave), looked at the 813Ws and got turned off by the color. I think you gotta see it up close and personal before deciding anything. (SO glad they had this on display inside the store entrance with daylight shining on it.)   I got the Kroshort-NE (jogg jean shorts) and Salena-RS (hoodie) instead.
Thanks for the post! It really helped me make my decision easier. I'm getting it, haha.   I'm a huge fan of Tepphar, have been from the start. I have them in 8W3, 884M, NE 800E, and soon 813W.
question for the Tepphar 813w owners or those who saw it in person: do the jeans have those tears like it's pictured in the website? if so are there many?   The pics you guys posted don't really show em. (I'm not into the whole destroyed look. I'd prefer if the 813w had none or weren't really noticeable.)
I'm about to go on a small Diesel spree tomorrow in the city. Can anyone tell me how this discount works in-store? Is it just rung up at the register?   Edit - Nevermind. I found the email the website sent me hiding in my spam folder.
Does anyone know any stores that still sell Tepphar 0884M 30/30? All the NYC stores are sold out and I'm about to phone order it from Cali if I can't find any online stores. T_T   EDIT: Thanks for the PMs guys, but I managed to wrangle the LAST Tepphar 884M in NYC. (Union Sq.)  It's a Christmas miracle!!!!!!!!
I got my Thanaz 880F!! NewYorkSpeed.com delivered whis AMAZING pair of jeans last weekend. My apt has poor lighting so I took the the pics while at a uniqlo nearby.     It's official. This is my new favorite fit/wash. xD
Yeah, I know what you mean. You made my choice easier. thanks
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