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I am very frustrated, I bought a 74Z on ebay and when I received notice that I could JUST THIS is the photo! I do not know what to do now, when the jeans arrived I was traveling and he received was my mother, I asked her if everything was ok, and for her it was all right today when I arrived and went to see the jeans, there she was, with those damn ugly circles. I do not know what to do, and now I have qualified the seller positively. Here is the link to...
Hello, I am Brazilian and I like the diesel jeans, of course I do not have many due to too little trouble to acquire them here. All that was bought on ebay, and some sites in their own forum here on the site. I have the following models: (32 x 32)   Yarik? Viker 8IN Viker 8MX Zathan 74g Darron 8b2 Koolter 8x2   The reason for this post is to ask for any tips and idea for you who are experts, then I bought the darron koolter and have no desire to use...
Thanks for attention! So I order it on 32 x 32  
  Hello, I want to order a DARRON 69Y and I never tried this before, I Have 2 VIKER 32 x 32 (8MZ, 8IN) and it's fit very well, ZATHAN 74G is 32x32 but it is few tight at the leg and bootcut. What's the size u guys think I have to take for DARRON? Thanks   PS: Sorry about my english, I'm brazilian and isn't my main language.
In time, http://www.diesel-outlet.net/ is Legit?   Thanks
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