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on legs? 32 x 30 you think?
Finally received my Thavar 0880M 32 x 32   Here some pictures.             PS: In time, I was walking late last week and had the opportunity to visit a store diesel in Argentina, tasted THANAZ 887M STRETCH 32 X 32 885Q THANAZ 32 X 30 and really liked both, but not bought. What would you recommend that are Thanaz stretch? I really liked a lot, I need to buy one.
Thanks aramis, I wonder about the correct sizes, because I can not miss, if the jeans get me wrong here or do I have to send down (cut) because here in Brazil is very difficult for me to return and almost impossible to sell. understand? So wanted to know about the right sizes and do so many questions. I ordered the 32 x 32 thavar 880m, hopefully it does not become too looser for me
I'm ordering a thavar 0880M that I really want, the 32 x 32 you think will be good for me?   I want a very thanaz, but have not had chance to try one for knowing what size, what size should I buy a thanaz?   ps: my shioner is 31 x 32 on tag, but as measures 32 x 32.
Thank you, my favorite at the moment is shioner, koolter 8x2, darron 8b2 and lastly the iakop (if 32L would be better)
Great! Fit perfect on you!
why deleted the pictures? what's wrong?
In none of the pictures could have the real color of the jeans, the photos were taken indoors with the iphone and myself taking pictures in the mirror, then were not very good. @aramis The 74Z is lighter than in the picture.
VIKER 008IN  32 X 32  (not here to measure now)         KOOLTER 008C3_STRETCH 32 X 32   Actual Measurements: Waist aligned - 17 Back Rise - 12 Front Rise - 10,5 Thigh from crotch - 12  Inseam - 33 Leg opening - 8         DARRON 0R3J8 34 x 32 - regular slim tapered Actual Measurements: Waist aligned - 18 Back Rise - 14 Front Rise - 11 Thigh from crotch - 12  Inseam - 32 Leg opening -...
Yep, I'm agree with you baltimore, I pay a good price for this, I dont like this circles, but to me sell here (Brazil) is hard, about the seller I leave a positive feedback already, because the jeans are not fake and are like new.  Thanks anyway guys! :)
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