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Update:  I did some research and it appears the Miner Wash was from a few seasons ago.   When they arrive I will post pics to judge authenticity.  
LOL Anthony...   Update on Infliction Wash R&R Jeans: Yes, these jeans were "imposing or meting out something unpleasant" on me, that was their fit.  I sold them to a consignment store and got a few dollars back for my hardship.  Win some, lose some!
They used to sell them at Nordstrom:   http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/j-brand-lovestory-low-rise-bell-bottom-stretch-jeans-miner/2980831
I just won a bid on eBay for J Brand Lovestory in "Miner" wash.  Are these authentic or not?  Or, are they are straight to discount?     The price is $39.99.   I like the color of this wash but I am nervous.  The ad did not say "authentic" but I only realized that today, not when I placed the bid.   The seller does allow 7 day returns.     Should I go ahead and buy them and then take photos and post?   Thanks for your...
Here is my experience with S2D: Rock & Republic -- described above.  The workmanship (made in USA) is excellent in this pair but the wash is gross.  I think it was mislabeled as having 2% spandex (also in the RueLaLa description) but it clearly does not have any stretch at all, fabric feels like Wranglers jeans. 7FAM -- the stitching on the back pocket squiggle design is not as tight as w/ regular 7's.  Also, the fabric and wash was quite inferior.  The pair were...
Occasionally I get out of my cow town and go to the opera in San Francisco.  This is a cover up for the sleeveless dresses I wear.  From Karen Kane. It looks almost vintage to me, but won't have that musty smell. Loving after Christmas sales!
Essential item -- slim boyfriend cardi, purchased one in each color.  From Michael Stars.
Do the outfits need denim in them or just any outfit?  Thanks.
Thanks Itsinmyjeans, I think I will stay away from RueLaLa from now on.  Besides misleading me with these jeans (although I suspected they were S2D), they have shipped the wrong item twice and once lost an item I returned to them.  I'm coming to realize that a lot of their merchandise is S2D, as is the merchandise at Loehmanns who owns RueLaLa.   So I am still stuck with these uncomfortable jeans (I'm out around $100), I will try to get something from them from a...
I got these Kurts a few weeks ago, already had them hemmed to my length (about 32").  I wore them yesterday.  The tag says 98% cotton 2% spandex.  However, I do not find any stretch to this garment.  I purchased these at RueLaLa, I have a feeling they are Straight to Discount.  I do not like them because they lack stretch.  They feel more like my boyfriends non-stretch jeans.  Does anyone know anything about this wash?    Here is an Ebay link that shows pictures of...
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