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it looks legit. Does it have a tag with a microstrip inside?
I went to the Saks fifth avenue sale yesterday.   I bought these Gucci leather high tops (been in the market for this style for a while) and Burberry Button down.
been gone a while but here is a few days worth, I traveled one day so I wore my krooley ne BPX jogg jeans that travel day and I wore my Thavar 888p one day while I was gone
hello and welcome!
Im not impressed with them really. I think they fit you well but the wash is nothing special. I saw the green/azure Thavar 801d and in person at Saks and it is amazing. I need that wash. It and the shioner that phukette got are all Im after this far
      Lol!         Yeah I agree with your decision to go ahead and return them. They are nothing special but the fit is good
Hey welcome to the site! We are glad to have you here! My favorite cut is Thavar, I think thavar is one of the best cuts for any brand ever. My favorite Diesel washes are 8x2 and 888P. I saw the Thavar 801D in the green/azure color (greyish with brown dirty stains) at Saks Fifth avenue earlier and I put it on my list. Its the most beautiful Diesel wash Ive seen this season as of yet.    Also, have you looked into carrying Dior Homme? It has a cult following like Diesel...
what color
DH gets shorter in length as you go down the size spectrum. a 29 should be longer than 28 and 28 longer than 27, etc. It depends on what size you wear but maybe get them reduced by a couple inches or maybe three
yeah styleforum is filled with tools. They seriously think they are important and most look ridiculous no matter how expensive their clothes are. Jett is one of the worst. They probably feel the same way about us here though. 
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