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I wear a 10 in Diesel shoes and a 9.5 or 10 in clarks
Hey those are nice. When you get back get some pics wearing them   I like the bag and took the tags off. I want to keep it. I know that having half leather was important to me but like you said, it still can be good without. 
32--the waist is tighter than usual with these
they said they were going by the manufacterers description and offered full refund. I dont know what Im going to do. What do you all think?
lol...yeah they have pretty packaging at LVR...makes you feel special when the package arrives
oooooh I dont like the pink at all. 
Welcome Nito, great pics!  Yes look at my "what dior are you wearing today" pics from this evening and you can see the holes. I wore them today.   Here is my KVA bag that has ZERO leather on it unlike what the listing said on LVR> liars
yeah the white part is the same as the black except it is coated or dipped in PVC or something. I have emailed them and am waiting for the response
blue crash today with my new Gucci leather high tops   here is my KVA bag I got from LVR. They lied because there is NO leather anywhere on this bag 
netclothing looks legit and their payment certificate at the bottom is real
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