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lol..that is what comes up under "bravehart" (WITH AN F OF COURSE)?
hahahahaha. Yeah I agree. Id only pay the jeans prices not the shirts
id say blue with a greenish tint. Interesting wash
very nice
thank you bro
If someone has a question about authenticity then yes they should post the pics here. Other than that there are other threads designated for just posting pics. There is the fit pic thread for pics of your whole outfit and there is the official dior thread for general discussion and maybe random pics. There is a collection thread for pics of your collection. So post all the authentic checks here but  post your other pics in their appropriate thread for organizational sake.
I love Darron but I think you may should have sized down one
I think they look okay
  Well I am pretty dead set on my brands but I have decided the next brand I am going to give a shot is Pierre Balmain or Cycle.
honestly these appear to fit perfect. Maybe they gave a little from the first pic or the angle of the first pic looked odd. Any way I think you should surely keep these at this size.  I wore my Navy Twill jeans a few days back and my rack rails today
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