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my wife is begging me to wear Zara mens. Is there stuff good quality? The only inexpensive mens shoes I like are steve madden, since SM is real leather (for men) and good quality. I hesitate to buy many other brands for under $200 (except  Diesel of course).
placket? As in the opening of the sleeve or on the front? I have seen mismatched front openings before. Everything else is symmetrical. That seems to be more of a design thing than a mistake by counterfeiters. It is important to take everything in totality, but the placket is hard to say. 
some cool advertising campaigns:    http://cases.insead.edu/diesel/documents/4948-Diesel-1-CSW.pdf
I found this website with a history of Diesel S.P.A.. I found it interesting and thought maybe some of you might find it interesting too.    http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/history2/24/Diesel-SpA.html
good eye. that is certainly 838v yes it very similar. it is a little more of a medium blue and the dirty area is a little more brown tinted. Ive said it is a cross between 8x2 and 888p.
was it at Nordstrom Rack or a place similar? Some of the mislabeled Diesels get sent there to be sold at discount. Or maybe it just didnt get caught in time. 
levislad you killed it man! Does that place ship to US?
all of those features you mentioned there are from darron. they have been around a long time. the only difference in darron and belther is the extra seam on darron legs. just facts. just because things arent to your tastes, doesnt mean other people dont prefer it. the higher rear rise amd lower back pockets, angled pockets, pocket stitching, coin pocket ribbon, the cut, etc. are all Diesel classic details from darron that have been moved over to belther in order to do away...
@Gpoop --he is 3.5 years old! he runs the show
as far as belther cut aging. It is just a slim-tapered. It is pretty standard. Even though it is a new name. It is no different a fit than Koolter or Darron. I cant imagine it could age. I think it is just made for people with differing ideas on fit. I have said this before but I will say it again: When I was younger, I wanted all super slim. Now that I am hitting 30 I think I need to move away from super slim and into more tapered looks. So for me, Belther will be...
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