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it is an interesting wash. I like the vertical fading. I dont like the really light area over the knees though. Other than that the fit is spot on and wash is nice too
I have not seen any of their washed denim. How do their washes compare to Diesel or PRPS? PRPS or GStar?
My outfit today almost looks identical to what I wore the other day.   Vince Waffle-Knit wool hoodie Thavar-NE 600S Steve Madden boots  
the quality of PRPS is unparalleled to a point. And the washes so badly need to be oogled. Photos never do them justice so people who have not seen them in person may not get the full effect just by looking online. Demon is my favorite cut. I prefer the extra long inseam for stacking (with the selvage pairs I cuff about an inch and stack on top of the cuff, just to show off a little selvage).
SLP MIJ raw d03 -19cm burberry shirt burberry jacket steve madden boots        
I'll take them. Invoice me to the email address I sent you in the pm. The measurements look like they will work
you still have not given me the waist measurement I need to determine if I could buy them. I need to know that waist measurement because I wear a 30 in Thavar. I want to judge how these will fit me if I gambled on them
just plain awesome.. Awesome beard and awesome boots too
tepphar 838v hugo boss tee burberry jacket steve madden shoes        
okay great. now on that bottom picture, if you were to align that dip with the back portion of the waistband you would get the true measurement of the waist. This measurement does not do me any good because it is not a full measurement. If I need something that measures 17" across and someone tells me that their product measures 17" across but they fail to properly align the waistband then the product would not actually fit me when it arrived. So I can look at your...
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