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where are you from? I don't necessarily need them every day. I use the knife and flashlight often. The last one is because no matter where you go in this world there are evil people who could do evil things to me or my family. I call it insurance. God bless America.
They are 15 oz but unsanforized. So when I soaked them the fibers shrunk and they became more dense, and therefore heavier. I'd guess about 17 or 18 oz right now. I've soaked them twice.
 yeah it is bluish but has brown tones that do not come out in the photos. They definitely arent as brown as my last ones. Didnt I buy some Jakes from you years ago? Maybe you proxied them to me. It is a 5.11 Tactical light (the NRA edition) and Spyderco Delica knife. I always have a knife, flashlight, and firearm with me whereever I go. It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. 
You are correct. I looked at that on my phone so it was not easy to tell if the darts  were there or not. I was trying to think of what company that wash could be from. It is a nice wash and seems familiar to me. I just cant think of who it could possibly be.
I am rocking some Diesel boots today.  Also, I got on my Dior Homme Jakes and a Vince sweater. Also wearing a Diesel belt, but you cant see it          
Well Yoox and Diesel are affiliated with each other. Maybe Diesel had one lying around. who knows lol. It is curious though
I went to the gym today. Wore my new Jogg Jeans Thavar-NE 600S Diesel Hoodie Nike Lunarlon 2 ID
@gloriouscafeI miss my 8x2--ive been thinking about buying another pair recently. I sold mine about 2 years ago. They were one of the best washes Diesel has ever made IMO
I know listen, I just bought these from Ssense as well:https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/saint-laurent/blue-vintage-wash-jeans/744503\   Also, I got my Thavar-NE 600s in today. These were on sale with NYS for $250. This is a great wash for Jogg jeans   
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