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they said they were going by the manufacterers description and offered full refund. I dont know what Im going to do. What do you all think?
lol...yeah they have pretty packaging at LVR...makes you feel special when the package arrives
oooooh I dont like the pink at all. 
Welcome Nito, great pics!  Yes look at my "what dior are you wearing today" pics from this evening and you can see the holes. I wore them today.   Here is my KVA bag that has ZERO leather on it unlike what the listing said on LVR> liars
yeah the white part is the same as the black except it is coated or dipped in PVC or something. I have emailed them and am waiting for the response
blue crash today with my new Gucci leather high tops   here is my KVA bag I got from LVR. They lied because there is NO leather anywhere on this bag 
netclothing looks legit and their payment certificate at the bottom is real
yeah those look good marcus
Im pissed. I like the bag and all but LVR flat out lies in the listings. It says its 50%calfskin and 50%cotton in the details section and it had it listed as "painted calksin and canvas messenger bag". The problem is there IS NOT ONE DROP OF LEATHER/CALFSKIN ON THIS WHOLE BAG!!! They freaking lied! Ill post pics later
I sized down personally maybe it would work for you to. IDK for sure though you may be different than I was/     I have no problem helping out but first I think tracking info needs to be produced before any of that takes place to make sure its been shipped.
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