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they are not MII ETA: I have never seen this wash in person but there is not the italian stitching on the back waistband in these photos, plus retail here seems inexpensive http://www.monshowroom.com/fr/zoom/diesel/jeans-regular-buster-0841h/197075
 yes I have owned a pair of Buster. They are not as skinny as thavar like you said.
I obviously didn't see that. It's a good thing you were here to point that out. You saved the day.
Diesel Jefferson boots  along with Gray Raw PRPS selvage jeans. These are a medium gray but raw wash. I am getting some cool fading where my spare battery is held in front pocket already and ive only worn these six times.  Polo sweater    
here is a link to all the prefall collection:  http://files.prfact.ch/Diesel/01_Diesel/Prefall_2015/DIESEL%20PREFALL%202015%20-%20LOOKS/DIESEL%20PREFALL%202015%20-%20DENIM%20LOOKS/DIESEL%20FW15%20PREVIEW%20-%20MALE%20DENIM/
buster is slimmer than safado. It is slimmer than Belther even
best nudies I have ever seen, I havent owned nudie in years. The sleenker pockets remind me of nudie shaped pockets
I own mountains of Burberry. I know what most all modern Burberry look like. I'm saying I don't know for sure about this one because it could be from early 2000's and that wouldn't show up all over Google images like newer ones would. I'm careful before I say something is real or fake. If I don't really know I'd rather just say I don't know 100% rather than giving advice either way.
Belther 838N  SM boots JC shirt    
Diesel Boots--Basket Butch Zippy gray suede Burberry tee Saint laurent paris made in japan raw denim diesel belt    
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