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looks like the salt wash actually. I could be wrong though
Work A day is nice. Also rack rail
YEs ive seen pics of it. I like it for a good price   For Raws go with what is tight at first and it will loosen. For Jake get the size 28 or 29 depending on which season and cut(if too old then you may need a 30).
tepphar ne 800B
I take this back. I saw the pics on my iphone originally but now I see they fit fine. THe stacking isnt bad IMO
hahaha-- thats what i was thinking. I feel like Im having Dejavu, The lighter wash was only available when they first released them. The darker one has been around ever since. Only a few people that I know have even seen the lighter version in real life.
certainly too loose. Size down one for sure (maybe two)
I wear a 10 in Diesel shoes and a 9.5 or 10 in clarks
Hey those are nice. When you get back get some pics wearing them   I like the bag and took the tags off. I want to keep it. I know that having half leather was important to me but like you said, it still can be good without. 
32--the waist is tighter than usual with these
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