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100% real
belther 840x vince sweater diesel boots diesel belt                 I got a picture of Belther 840x outside so people can see what Im talking about. This wash has so many amazing colors and just pops/.(click on image for more detailed/bigger picture)
love love love the jeans. not a fan of the shirt though
^^^yeah I think that pretty well sums it up
i almost bought these but never pulled the trigger. Can you get better detail photos. they are great. 
those are incredible. Thats the best fitting pair of jeans I have seen in a while. The wash is nice too
they are not MII ETA: I have never seen this wash in person but there is not the italian stitching on the back waistband in these photos, plus retail here seems inexpensive http://www.monshowroom.com/fr/zoom/diesel/jeans-regular-buster-0841h/197075
 yes I have owned a pair of Buster. They are not as skinny as thavar like you said.
I obviously didn't see that. It's a good thing you were here to point that out. You saved the day.
Diesel Jefferson boots  along with Gray Raw PRPS selvage jeans. These are a medium gray but raw wash. I am getting some cool fading where my spare battery is held in front pocket already and ive only worn these six times.  Polo sweater    
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