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yeah maybe not then. The first pics looked darker. Is a really nice color though
 these posts were held in moderation. anyone able to help them?
824b reminds me of 882b a little bit--i like this cut better though     830j is really nice light wash
SLP Raw mij d03 19cm burberry brit shirt and jacket ben sherman boots  
both are real
sleenker is a good fit on you absolutely. It is an amazing wash. It is tied with 840x for my favorite right now.       today I am wearing nothing too special. it is warm outside today and beautiful.Thavar-ne 600Spolo teediesel bootsdiesel belt   
literally my whole outfit is diesel today tepphar 838v diesel hoodie diesel boots diesel belt        
great buys. And your sweat shirt will be a nice addition to that collection.
@Phukette when you said mid twenties I thought "man that's cold for this time of the year". Then I realized you were using Celsius and it made much more sense.
i just told you they are real
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