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for future reference, when posting pics of TR, be sure the shot of the back pockets is from straight on and the pockets are flattened out. This pic from straight on has wrinkled pocket fabric which distorts the design a bit. A lot of ID fake TR is looking at horshoe shape. Anyways I can tell where the fabric is bending on these photos and they are real straight to discount cargos
I know what my next grey jean is going to be
thavar-ne 662L vince hoodie diesel basket butch zip boots diesel belt        
micro stitching looks as it should by the way
100% real
belther 840x vince sweater diesel boots diesel belt                 I got a picture of Belther 840x outside so people can see what Im talking about. This wash has so many amazing colors and just pops/.(click on image for more detailed/bigger picture)
love love love the jeans. not a fan of the shirt though
^^^yeah I think that pretty well sums it up
i almost bought these but never pulled the trigger. Can you get better detail photos. they are great. 
those are incredible. Thats the best fitting pair of jeans I have seen in a while. The wash is nice too
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