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thavar-ne 600s burberry brit tee creative recreation shoes
yeah i guess it depends on what pairs of PRPS you have. The only PRPS I have that is rigid is the crinkled selvage (probably due to some starch type substance to hold form)
MCU jeans look okay but honestly if I am going for the hands down best washes, Im going to PRPS. 
Oh and I cant forget my newest non mII wash (which costs the same as MII washes): Tepphar 827Y --this is a $300 non MII Tepphar. I guess Jogg Jeans are too though
i have seen that before as well. 
here is a photo of the long sleeve version but mine is short sleeve
tepphar 838v burberry hoodie] burberry button down ben sherman boots diesel belt      
nice boots!     The gstar looks good. I thought I might try some but just havent got around to it
I like plenty of non mii washes. I own several. My favorite is my jogg jeans and Thavar 835i. I like the 816p and 830z for light washes. I feel like the 835i is just as good as some of the less treated mii washes (like 838n)
Today is my 6th year wedding anniversary. We went out to eat so I got dressed up. I know this is not SLP--but I want to post this in case anyone is interested trying Maison Kitsune out and is not familiar with them. They have dressier denim and raw denim. I havent seen any sick washes (dont even know if they make them, but they make really nice jeans for about the same price as SLP)Here is how a designer slim cut should look. This is one of Maison Kitsune Made in Japan...
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