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those jeans are perfect ūüĎĆ. If I still like TR then I'd be all over those. They are 100% real.
I'm very sorry but you have no idea what you are taking about. Those are in no way shape or form PRPS. They aren't even close
they are Levis. While I am sure there are fake levis, I think it is more likely this guy is pissed he just paid $25 for these used Levis on ebay.
Welcome to denimblog!  man this outfit kills it. I love the contrast between the whole thing. very nice.
d01 yes I believe so but which season it is from im not sure about! My d03 19cm are the made in japan raw denim. Mine fit me in between a thavar and belther (which I guess would be like Buster). The old Dior 19cm were slimmer fitting believe but I did size up so maybe that is the issue. Anyways the 17cm were more like Thavar or PRPS Demon. The 15.5cm are like Sleenker.  
dude this is great. Those wing tipped shoes are sick!  I wore my diesel basket butch zip boots. Also wore PRPS demon jeans, vince waffle knit wool hoodie       my son wore a pair of Diesels I forgot he had along with polo sweater and nike shoes (and dont mind my gorgeous wife ;)  
everything was perfect. No taxes were owed brother! Items purchased for personal use are not normally taxed in the US until the value is over a certain amount (i think $250 or something).
@denim addict --I got my Thavar 830R in from you today! They fit great. I love them even better in person. and they are selvage. Great deal man I am very excited for these.               
The only Diesel I wore today were my Diesel Jefferson boots with my saint laurent paris paint splatter jeans and vince sweater and diesel belt    
slp paint splatter
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